Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Protest from the migrants housed in the hotel Al Bragosso di Sant’Anna. They did not want pasta seasoned in their own way: they expected chicken and chips, which they are accustomed to eating each Sunday when they are in Chioggia. 
But perhaps, it wasn't just that. The dispute was triggered at the time of Sunday dinner when, instead of the usual dish of chicken and chips, pasta arrived with something else. The intention of the managers of the institution was to provide some variation in the menu, because it was Easter. It's not clear if this "celebration" had been communicated to the refugees (who are almost all Muslims) and in what way, or if it was interpreted by them, erroneously, as a worsening of the dietary regime. Almost all of them were set against it and refused to eat the pasta, demanding in a loud voice that they be given their usual chicken and chips. 
The hotel dining room
 The protest then took on another tone: the migrants grabbed the Italian flag that the managers of the hotel had hung up (a while ago) inside one of their common areas. In short, the dispute had reached very high levels and threatened to go on for a long time, with unpredictable consequences. 
At that point the forces of order were called, police and carabinieri, who arrived at Sant’Anna in force (three patrols) and succeeded, in a short space of time, in calming the refugees and stopping the disorder. Then, around 10pm, all eat the pasta (reheated) that had been brought to them two hours before.

This is the hotel


  1. Kill them all

  2. Those dogs don't deserve hog feed. They should get 2 options: a boat-ride back or a bullet.

  3. Lo que significa que no son, verdaderamente, refugiados, y no han pasado calamidades.

    La pasta, alimento internacional que es conocido por sus características nutritivas en calorías que no engordan a los sujetos, son apreciadas por la gran mayoría de los deportistas de élite.

    Yo hubiera tomado la determinación de expulsarlos de aquel lugar a otro acotado por motivos de seguridad ciudadana, con el menú de pasta durante una semana continuada y agua.

    Nos llevan a la Guerra Civil en Occidente, los políticos sionistas, Diversity.