Sunday, 13 March 2016

NatashaWalter by zakalwe2

The asylum scammer is called Meltem Avcil, a Kurd from Turkey. Coming from Turkey, the claim is absurd on its face and was apparently rejected by in Germany before she and her family of asylum scammers decided to try their luck in Britain. It seems it was rejected or at least not granted here, too, but she was given "leave to remain". Now she has done a university degree, no doubt at the expense of the British taxpayer.
She and her mother spent three harrowing months in Yarl's Wood in 2007, before they were allowed out – and granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Recently, she returned to the centre, to speak to detainees, and says the expression on one woman's face was "so dull and lifeless" that it transported her straight back to the despair of detention. Avcil would like the detention of all asylum seekers, male and female, to end, but is campaigning specifically around women and Yarl's Wood, because of the personal experience she has of the specific problems women face there. 
Avcil's family is Kurdish, and she was born in a mountainous area of Turkey where her family was persecuted; she says her mother is deaf in one ear after a soldier hit her so hard with his gun that her ear drum popped. Avcil's parents left Turkey when she was four, and travelled to Germany, where they were refused asylum; they then travelled to the UK, where her parents split up, and she remained with her mother. The pair started, in earnest, to build a life.

The other woman is Natasha Walter. I thought something in her facial phyisognomy didn't look quite British, or even European, so I looked her up. My instincts were right.
Walter was born in 1967 into an educated, liberal, Jewish family. Her father, Nicholas, was a renowned anarchist and atheist writer and activist. Her mum, Ruth, was, "very conscious that she wanted my older sister and I to grow up without boundaries."

The Jewess is has started an organisation called Women for Refugee Women, which campaigns for female "asylum seekers" to be given privileged treatment compared to men.



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