Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The two-star French air force general Antoine MARTINEZ, who specialised in intelligence work over the course of his career, has been writing stern critiques of French government policy in relation to immigration and Islam over the last few years, following his retirement from active service. This long essay, of which I translate a few extracts below, shows that the critique of Islam is actually penetrating the minds of our ruling classes, whatever they say publicly.

 ... This reality is all the more menacing for the fact that the migratory invasion that Europe has been subject to for many months, without its leaders being able to react due to incompetence and lack of vision, constitutes the first stage in the war that Islam, now openly, is waging against the West and the European continent in particular. Because this migratory invasion has been planned and constitutes an unprecedented attack on European countries aiming to destructure our societies from within, without counting the infiltration by thousands of jihadists joining the networks already present and ready to fight and die as martyrs in the name of Allah.

It seems however that this enemy has still not been named precisely. Indeed, what does the president of the Republic say? "We must take note of the scope and gravity of the terrorist threat... The war against terrorism must be conducted all across Europe." Leaving aside the fact that he states what is obvious about the situation and the need to react - he does not name the enemy. No, Monsieur Le President, it is not about terrorism. You deliberately "confuse" the enemy and the tactic. Terrorism is simply the instrument that serves the interests of the perpetrator that must be named. It is Islam that has long since declared war on the West. It is Islamists who are killing European citizens. Because Islamism is Islam in action. To put it another way, Islamism is the entirety of Islam. We could even say that Islamism would not exist if Islam did not exist. And Islam leads naturally to Islamism.

 ... The enemy having been thus named, we cannot but be astonished that the Prime minister can declare without embarrassment that "fighting against radicalisation involves promoting an Islam that is strong, republican and professional, organised". No, Monsieur Prime minister, it is not by promoting and installing a strong Islam in our country that you will fight radicalisation. It is exactly the opposite that must be done. The criminal islamisation of our country and the countries of Europe must be stopped and to reverse the sinister course of events we must, initially, stop all non-European immigration.

And if, according to your campaign, "anti-Muslim acts, it starts with words, it ends with spitting, blows, blood," you seem not to want to acknowledge reality, namely that Muslim acts start with Allah Akbar and end with massacres, barbarity and blood. Because the unworthy campaign that you have just launched "All united against hatred" (link), beyond the scandalous anti-white racism that it expresses and the insult it renders to our nation, confirms this intention of hiding the truth. Because who preaches hatred in France and in Europe? The stinging response has just been given to you by the Islamists in Brussels.

 ... So, in the face of the blindness and the denial of reality of our rulers, it becomes urgent to show them why Islamism is indeed the enemy to be defeated, the cancer to be eradicated, and why Islam is incompatible with democracy and constitutes a menace for European nations.

 ... In the face of the evidence, there is no more time to hesitate. An awakening is obligatory. Strong action is now expected. In this war that Islam has declared on us, the enemy is not only outside; it is inside, and this concerns all of Europe. A fifth column is at work all across European territory. The planned murderous actions, coordinated and executed in Paris and in Brussels (but tomorrow in Berlin, London, Rome and Madrid, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vienna, in Paris again) are the results of decades of irresponsibility in relation to the acceptance of uncontrolled immigration acting as a vehicle for a culture of death that is hostile to ours. We cannot envisage coexistence with the devil.

The situation today is aggravated by the fact that the massive and uncontrolled migratory flows that are unfolding across Europe have been infiltrated by thousands of jihadists even more radical than our own. Finally we must be conscious of the fact that there exists on our territory, in between the radical islamists, "French" or not (several tens of thousands of dangerous individuals today, we need to be lucid) and a Muslim population of immigrant origin that respects our laws because it is integrated, an intermediate circle consisting of hundreds of thousands of people, who have been more or less won over to the former and are ready to aid them in different ways when the moment presents itself. They occupy the lost territories of the Republic, emptied of their indigenous people and which, like Molenbeek in Belgium, no longer have anything common with France or Europe. It is this aid or Islamic solidarity that Salah Abdeslam benefited from during four months among his own kind. 

Certainly we must develop information and coordination resources among European countries, but that will no longer be enough. If we are at war as the President of the Republic declared, we need to strike the enemy hard on our soil. And the state of emergency is no longer appropriate for this situation; a state of siege must be declared in accordance with article 36 of the Constitution. In effect, it is the equivalent of the battle of Algiers (1957) that we now must engage on these lost territories of the Republic to neutralise the islamists and re-establish a state of law.

Furthermore, the enemy being named, we must draw up and implement a new general policy aimed at (this must the objective of the war) triggering a process of "deislamisation" in our society over the long term through the adoption of specific measures that must fulfil a precautionary principle (stopping non-European immigration, suppression of family reunion, sending back all the illegals or those denied asylum, a complete rewrite of our immigration policy, our code of nationality, abolition of dual nationality with non-Europeans, definitive closure of Salafist mosques, stopping the construction of mosques, closure of halal slaughterhouses, a foul practice incompatible with our way of life, abolition of free medical care and welfare magnets, expulsion of polygamous families, refoundation of our schools and teaching that must focus on transmitting our historical, spiritual and cultural heritage which has nothing to do with Islam a word install/re-establish a national preference and even a civilisational preference).

Indeed, we must use every means to provoke, facilitate and incite those who have difficulty integrating or who refuse our values and principles and traditions to leave France. We should even encourage them to emigrate to Muslim lands to practice their Islam as prescribed in the Koran. This is now a necessity. Cardinal Richelieu declared that "politics consists of rendering possible what is necessary". So let us do it for the well-being of our nation and the European peoples.



  1. All quite excellently stated; what he probably thinks he cannot say, is that none of the islamisation of European countries, or this deliberately staged invasion, could have taken place without, firstly, the enormous constraints placed upon freedom of speech by Jewish organisations (in Britain, as in France, Germany, and throughout the Continent --- everything from supposed 'hate speech' {lashan hara in Talmudic Judaism, speech which, even if true, may be deemed 'evil speech' if it is considered harmful to the 'community' of Jews} to the ultimate guilt tripping of legislation forbidding discussion of the contention of 6 million supposed dead Jews which has been used to silence any criticism of the genocidal activities involved in flooding the European continent with a hostile ideology and its peoples). Until this aspect of the problem is aired, it will be quite difficult to deal effectively with the threat and problem(s).

  2. More with Freedom of Speech :

    and this is very good ( o bad ) Diversity.. view :

    1. You must be one of them Anonymous Nazi trouble making Antisemitic Bastard.You just don't know or like the truth being told. Most country of the world have had Jewish people staying there. NOT WAR LIKE..Clever...always helping the economy. Producing.Praying and minding there own business.Unlike Islamist and F***ing Nazis who deny the Holocaust like most of Germany did after W W 2 . Well this time you will be on Camera . God Bless this french General he can see the truth of it all . MIZRACHI

  3. I couldnt agree more, this man has spoken the truth that all european polititions seem to be avoiding. To allow muslims to remain in our society will result, not in a diverse europe, but in a totalitarian monopoly of our very existance, if any of us manage to survive the total islamisation of europe.