Thursday, 31 March 2016

“There is no more normal,” Mayeur warned. “This is a concept that needs to be redefined. We are in a different era and we need to live in this dimension and keep believing that our model of an open, multicultural city such as Paris, Brussels, London or New York, this is what we want to be. This is the future and that is the message I wanted to bring.”


  1. Deluded, deranged and decadent; and in time, probably very short time, this "mayor" will be on the scrapheap of history. History is a cruel teacher, especially to those who never bothered to study it.

    1. Yes--scrap heap. Sometime around 2040, we--meaning all of European ancestory--will celebrate VD-day. Victory over diversity charade. Our history books will say "from roughly 1970-2025, we tried our hardest to share our values and our lands with those from the 2nd and 3rd worlds. We invited them to our countries, fed them, and they couldn't measure up. When Ahmed Muhammed Hussein detonated a briefcase nuke in Hamburg,the militaries, ordinary citizens, and our peoples came together to reclaim our lands. We purged the enemies swiftly and righteously. Our generosity and caring nature nearly destroyed us. We do not hate, we do not hold grudges. Most importantly, we don't even hold them responsible--if you feed a stray dog, it returns." By 2030, isolation gave way to trade and tourism, but never again shall we experiment with diversity and living together."

      I pray we make it out

  2. Yes--their commitment to an 'open' society is cruel to all of us that must support them, feed them, and be assaulted by them.

    The only people that want multicultural societies are outcast European women, delusional European men, and parasitic mud people.

    I was forced to visit a restraunt and retail store in a city in America that is rapidly deteriorating as the amount of negros increase. The 2 establishments are nationwide chains that will cease to operate there in the near future. Besides the terrible service, unhygienic conditions, and vulgar behavior the 'employees' demonstrated, no one spends money there. If they weren't national chains, they would have closed the doors already.

    Nero cities only support liquor stores, check cashing/quick loans, tire shops (that sell flashy rims and $hitty used tires), hair/nail salons, barber shops, convenience stores that sell tobacco, drug paraphanellia, and junk food, and mobil-phone stores that accept cash for bills, and a dirty fast food restraunt or two....

    Only items that can be purchased with taxpayer money. Never a hardware sore. Never a bookstore. Not even a low-brow European activity such as a bowling alley.

    The dessert person is just good enough to have the negro life + stupid mosques. It's the collective IQs of 80 and 87. It's no good for any of us. We need hard, courageous leaders and solutions to fix this now.

  3. Votar a los partidos patriotas de verdad y se salvará Occidente.

    El problema que se puede observar es variado, pero yo prefiero analizar a los políticos occidentales ( sionistas en el poder ) y, que, creen los políticos sionistas que van a gobernar siempre, sus ideas políticas creen que van a perdurar por siempre.

    Pero es necesario sufrir para que la gente reaccione, ya que la Propaganda está incrustada en el poder y además influye en la gente débil.

    No hay otra salida para la salvación.

    Ya podemos ver como nos están sustituyendo poco a poco por gente extraña y sin recursos. Pronto aparecerán noticias relacionadas no sólo con el Terrorismo, además con problemas de las pensiones, más impuestos, bancarrota, etc.

    Es así, se puede decir en muchos idiomas, y de muchas formas, pero en el fondo es eso.

    Saludos a los patriotas occidentales del mundo.