Thursday, 10 March 2016

This mayor of a "sensitive" district, who asks me to leave his name unmentioned, was looking for a specialist in urban guerrilla warfare in October 2015. On a blank sheet of paper he draws for me the major axes of his city and the points that need to be closed in case of riots, in order to direct the crowd. Concrete blocks had been reserved with a company ready to transport them, to block exits. The elected official had noted the highest points in the buildings to prevent any snipers setting up there. "All the ingredients of a potential civil war are there," he said. But it would be wrong to think that this mobilisation is shared by everyone. Many minds are put to sleep by force of habit. The most common type of discourse is to say that everything is going not too badly in the estates, apart from the legitimate sentiments of inequality, presented as proofs of integration into the Republic. These elected officials, comforted by islamistophile sociologists, are the most numerous.

No idea which mayor or town it is. This is an extract from a book called The Coming Civil War by Ivan Rioufol, being published this month in France. He is a journalist who writes for the newspaper Le Figaro.


  1. Interesante artículo.

    Yo creo que la referencia que se nombra, puede ser que se trate de una ciudad importante de Francia, y tal vez, podría haber otras en otras del mismo país de Francia, además de las principales en Bélgica. Por lo que, al final, se puede intuir que confluirán más de una ciudad importante en Europa.

    Lo que parece que se puede entender perfectamente, es algunos aspectos del relato procedente del libro o estudio. Y, es que hay un daño en la seguridad de las naciones debido a un interés político erróneo o negligente, y ésto es consentido, anteponiendo la seguridad de las personas ( habituales habitantes de un lugar en Occidente ) para hacer su vida normal con garantías que el propio Estado o gobierno crea problemas.

    Búsquese el término para el significado de nación, y Occidente, además de su Historia.

    ¨ La seguridad es intangible, y la hacemos todos ¨.

  2. CZ: You may be interested in reading the following linked articles:-

    It's written by Nick Griffin, formerly of the BNP so one needs to keep an open mind but it is interesting that so many of these false counter jihad groups, especially the American ones, are seemingly acting as fronts for policy makers, NGOs and lobbyists whose principal goal is fomenting further warfare in the Middle East which impacts, as it is intended to do, so destructively upon European nations and their peoples. I recognise many of the organisations and blogsites and personages, as I'm sure you will also.

    The second article, appearing recently as well, is on the excellent site of The Occidental Observer and is written by a former insider re Pegida UK: