Monday, 21 March 2016

All of these adverts seem to follow the same pattern. First, there is the statemented "Inspired by real events". Then you hear people making prejudiced remarks about Muslims/Jews/Negroes/Designated victim group in the background while the events play out. Finally, someone else challenges the prejudiced remarks that have just been made: "Do you really believe what you're saying?". 

Anti-Muslim/Antisemitic/Racist acts start with words. It ends with spitting, blows, blood.  
React. All United Against Hatred.


  1. "Hate what is evil. Cleave to what is good." The New Testament.

    This mantra, "All United Against Hatred" has a very insidious hidden meaning which is that no one should make any MORAL assessment of any ideology or any people's actions which are defined by and predicated on that ideology. Essentially, it is about destroying moral standards, the recognition that there is evil as well as good, that what is evil should be opposed and not permitted to triumph, and that a people and their ideology have their own 'space' (their own lands) which should not be surrendered or submitted to another people and their ideology. This mantra pretends to 'love' and 'peace' but means, ultimately, submission and death, of a people and their country and their civilisation. It is false altruism, a wolf in sheep's clothing guying the gullible.

  2. Why no video about racism targeted at the Native French people...?