Friday, 25 March 2016

Today, there was a raid in France in which Reda Kriket was arrested. It is reported that he was involved in recruiting jihadists and supplying them with equipment and money. He may have been connected to the attacks in Brussels and Paris but this hasn't definitively been established yet. This has been reported in the mainstream English-language press (link). What hasn't been reported there, but has been discussed in some of the French media, is that, in his criminal activities, he targeted non-Muslims as victims to finance jihad based on the principle of Ghanima or spoils of war.
According to the initial elements of the investigation, he played an important role in financing the network, handing over part of the earnings from his robberies and re-selling stolen goods, in the name of the Muslim principle of Ghanima (sharing the spoils of war).
In Islamic tradition, khums (Arabic: خمس‎ Arabic pronunciation: [xums], literally 'fifth') refers to the historically required religious obligation of Muslim army to pay one-fifth of the spoils of war, the booty collected from non-believers after a military campaign; this tax was paid to the caliph or sultan, representing the state of Islam. 
... Ghanima The items eligible for khums are referred to as ghanima →"الْغَنيمَة" in the Quran. The Arabic word ghanima (also referred to as ghanimah, ghana'im, ightindm in Africa and Asia)[14][15] has been interpreted to have several meanings:[1] spoils of war, or war booty looted or confiscated from enemy / nonbelievers (of Islam) profit minerals or any other form of buried treasure[16]


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