Thursday, 31 March 2016


  1. Hahahahaha. First off, one must create a culture for it to be appropriated. No negro has yet to build a culture. Second, she is at that unniversity--a cornerstone of Western culture. If it weren't for slavery, she would live in a dung heap, eat bugs, and shit in the pond she drinks water from. Third, I love how negros like to claim the Egyptians as themselves... Arabs are just a step above the negro, and they have no love for them.

    Western culture must seperate from these parasites or enslave them again. They offer nothing. Even the special exceptions will still produce retchid offspring that negate any positive value the exceptional negro brought to society.

    End the insanity. We don't need rap or near-humans with exceptional athletic ability anymore than we need the ghettos we pay for...

  2. The humour is amusing but the hypocrisy is even more informatie: the boy in dreadlocks is presumably Jewish from his surname and that is the ethnic group which ran the slave trade during the Roman Empire's time and afterwards teamed up with the Africans (late converted to Islam through conquest) as a slave trading system which operated in the Middle East and in the Western countries (enslaving millions of White Europeans from Ireland, Britannia and Russia from which they generally ended up either on ships galleys or in the harems as sex slaves) and then via the New World (through South America with its large Jewish settlements) as principally slave traders of Africans. The first slave owners in the future USA were Negroes and when the Royal Navy effectively ended the African slave trade in 1806, it was Africans who complained of being deprived of such a financially successful trade. The Vice President of the Confederate States during the American Civil War was a Jew who absconded with millions to England and Jews owned large numbers of slaves in America's South. One could say these two groups deserve one another. On the other hand, the Egyptians might cavil at being described as Negroes since their rulers (pharaohs) were Greek in origin and the most accurate portraits of Ancient Egyptians (on their saccrophogi) show decidedly Caucasian features.

  3. Pues a Cory le hace falta un ¨ lavao ¨ a pistola ( a presión ).

    A lo mejor después es muy limpio.

    No te rias.

  4. Jew dude is tri-racial .he have white (clear skin and hair ),asian( eyes and upper jaw ) and negroid( lips,mouth and nose) .features .