Sunday, 7 February 2016

There have been a few stories in the English-language press about Lauren Mann, the American girl who was found dead in her Vienna flat, such as this one in the Local and this one in the Daily Mail. None that I have seen mentioned her the do-gooder background to the incident.
"Lauren had a big heart for poor people", says people who knew the dead girl, "she often went to railway stations and asylum centres, where she distributed food and blankets." She even started friendships with many of them. Such as Abdou I [the Gambian "refugee" who has been arrested in Switzerland, suspected of her murder]. "Yes, she knew that he was threatened with deportation. No, she didn't know about his criminal past." [He was wanted for thefts, robberies and child abuse in Germany] 
The student wanted to help the Gambian. She offered him accommodation, fed him, bought cigarettes and clothes for him. And in the days before her death made desperate posts on Facebook asking her friends to put the 24-year-old up temporarily. As he was expecting a visit and so needed substitute accommodation for him during this time.


  1. Another casualty of the American education system and its indoctrination of political correctness into the citizenry.

    1. She is not White. She was a kike or have hispanic blood

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  2. You cannot enforce Political Correctness on people without taking away their ability to reason logically based upon facts. It is impossible. Across the board, even in our so-called ivy-league universities, we are no longer educating our young, we are indoctrinating them into a suicidal ideology of cultural self loathing.

  3. Regarding mad Westerners and their dangerous love affair with the other:

    “It happened to Giulio, but it could have been me or my friends Luca or Roberto, who have been to Egypt frequently for the same reasons, or anyone really of the so many of us who are passionate about the Arabic language, the Middle East and Islam,"

    "He had also been attending trade union meetings and had published at least one article in the Italian leftist newspaper Il Manifesto under a pseudonym."

    It seems a poison inherent in the left, some kind of mental disease that makes them suicidally altruistic. Hopefully their pets will slowly kill them off, a kind of political natural selection, and the right can then be ascendant.

    However, as long as the media is controlled by Jews the right will forever appear to be the bad guys. Fiscal conservatism is considered being greedy, and being a race realist is bigoted.

    It's bizarre that we treat virtually everything systematically and scientifically except for race which has become a gigantic blind spot.

  4. Must have watched 'The Blind Side' and fancied herself a modern Sandra Bullock. Bring me your tired.. Perhaps this activity will now be known as o be 'doing a Lauren Mann' or 'she/he's Laura Manning'.

  5. I thought this was a horrific story. Then I found out what actually happend. She met a a guy from Gambia who told her he was in the country illegaly and he was afraid the police would get him. She then offered to hide him. So she got what she deserved. When you work against your own countryand you hide criminals, then you are a criminal. So if someone kills you, great. That`s the price people should have to pay. This bitch screwed up and paid price.

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  7. Mudshark got what she deserved. No sympathy whatsoever from me. She betrayed her race (which gave her all the privilege to go cavorting overseas as an au pair) twice by sleeping with a black sub-Saharan Gambian and then an Afghan. The Gambian is the ugliest black thing I have ever seen. How could she have that poop-coloured skin, thick anus-like lips, flat nose and nappy hair in her face and not vomit is beyond my ability to comprehend. White parents, educate your white daughters about racial sexual loyalty.