Saturday, 6 February 2016

But not the ones you might think. These violent, disruptive foreigners are pale of hue.
The far-right movement, bolstered by foreign-born fascists living in the UK, is becoming increasingly violent as it seeks to orchestrate attacks against British Muslims, according to new analysis of the network of militant rightwing groups. 
Buoyed by the normalisation of Islamophobic rhetoric by elements of the mainstream media, the increasingly radicalised ideology adopted by the UK’s far-right movement will lead to greater confrontation, says the anti-racist group Hope Not Hate. 
The warnings come ahead of a planned demonstration by Polish neo-nazis in Manchester later this month in support of a “British white country”, which they have called: “Fuck Islam & Isis”. Intelligence indicates that a violent British far-right outfit, the North West Infidels (NWI), are planning to join them. 
Although the influence of far-right groups like the BNP and EDL declined significantly last year “the numbers of those involved in more militant and violent groups are growing”, according to the report, which is published on Monday. 
Last year, 61 far-right demos were staged in the UK, compared with 41 in 2014, although just eight attracted more than 150 people, the largest being a crowd of 300 recorded at a Pegida march in Newcastle last February, a year before the the group’s much-publicised march in Birmingham on Saturday. 
However, one disquieting development recorded by campaigners is the growth of the Infidels, a network of regional fascist gangs pursuing a far more confrontational agenda, particularly against leftwing activists and trade unionists. 
Another trend is the emergence of foreign-born far-right supporters living in the UK with one of the most active groups called Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski, meaning “the national rebirth of Poland”. Centered mainly in London, Manchester and the south-east, the group, which has less than 100 members in the UK, is driving the reinvigorated Blood and Honour neo-Nazi music movement and has drawn praise from British groups like the National Front splinter faction, New Dawn. 
Under the banner Zjednoczeni Emigranci Londyn (United Emigrants of London) members of the group are understood to have attacked a free music festival in north London 18 months ago, stabbing an anti-fascist campaigner and racially assaulting a Jewish man. 
Last year, campaigners also documented a growth in far-right activists receiving survivalist, martial arts and outdoor training. Among the groups offering this training are the Misanthropic Division led by former members of the fascist Azov Battalion in Ukraine and the Italian nazi group, CasaPound. 
Another organisation offering militants training is the far-right group Sigurd Legion, now known just as Legion. A video of one of its camps in Wales shows two men stripped to the waist punching each other as they practise unarmed combat, while others train with knives. The neo-Nazi group National Action, along with other unaligned activists, were among the 80-100 individuals believed to have gone through these training camps during 2015. 
NA, who staged a “white man march” in Liverpool last year, are regarded as among the most organisationally sophisticated groups, being the only UK far-right group regularly using the dark web.


  1. Let them wipe out the Islamists and then clean their butch asses out.

    1. the most violent countries in the world are Christians: Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, El Salvador, Belize, Mexico etc etc etc
      The problem really isn’t religion, it’s RACE!!!

      Muslims believe they are at war with us” FARCICAL !
      Your Ignorance is nauseating and embarrassing,You obviously have no idea about the religion and are sprouting the same tripe that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller do ( Zionist Germs ).
      Ps Why do you ignore what the west has to done to the Middle East ?
      We have committed war crimes on a daily basis and killed millions.
      WE OPENLY TORTURED INNOCENT PEOPLE yet you ignore all of this ..
      Do you think they hate us because the Quran tells them to or
      because we killed there children and destroyed there homes ?
      If you answer truthfully its plain to see religion
      has nothing to do with this
      what would you do if somebody killed your family and destroyed your
      country based on lies ? WHAT THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO ?

      The problem we have with extremist Muslims is their occasional terrorist attacks, but they are few and far between. There were the 9/11 attacks in 2001, caused by the American support to the disgusting Israeli government. There was another bombing attack in Madrid in 2004 (191 people killed), and another one in Bali in 2005 (20 people killed). And nothing much since then. In recent centuries, the Muslims never tried to force their way into Western countries. They have always patiently waited for Jewish invitations to come in. Once they are in White countries, they commit an awful lot of crime, but it has nothing to do with their religion.

      And Once the Jews are no longer in power, I think the problem will be the White traitors, both “liberals” and “conservatives”, who oppose mass expulsions and try to get in power by negotiating with the non-whites. The Muslims themselves will still count for little.

  2. Funny. They're all for kicking out whites, but not extremists. Oh, world.

    1. But these are extremists and violent too boot.
      These are thugs.


    2. is so typical of how the Jewish dominated, anti-White media operates. They are so afraid of White people organizing for their own interests, that they have to guttersnipe any White person who even contemplates it.

      When Whites do what every other group on the planet is not only allowed to do but actively encouraged to do i.e. advocate for its interests, it is called “supremacism” and “hate”. The hypocrisy and absurdity is staggering.

      If the term “Jewish supremacist” were placed before the name of every Jew or Jewish organisation, then the mindbenders would soon drop the “white supremacist” BS