Sunday, 14 February 2016

There is more on the dispute within the SNP in the Herald today. One party member has been excluded after she allegedly said: "We need to get the Pakis out of the party". A secret recording was made of a meeting in the party's local branch, at which the conflict between the "Paki-friendly" faction and the other was played out.
The meeting then elects a CA convener, with Majid beating Welsh by 10 votes to 9. 
When it becomes clear that Boswell’s faction can be outvoted for every office bearer position, Welsh, McAnulty and seven others walk out. “It’s a stitch up,” says one woman. 

“This is a farce, a complete farce,” adds McAnulty. “This is ridiculous, a complete utter joke.” 

A shaken sounding Ross admits to the room: “You’re not going to have a functional CA, it’s not going to happen, while you’ve got this deep split amongst you. 
“I’m deeply unhappy about what’s happened, deeply unhappy.” 

An equally miserable MacGregor adds: “This is my campaign we’re talking about and I want to move on. I’ve been feeling sick all day. Can’t even concentrate on anything.” 

After calm is restored, in the closing five minutes of the meeting, 20 minutes after the walk-out, Majid suddenly launches into a furious diatribe about alleged racism in the local party. 

“It’s about time I speak up. It’s not multi-layered. There’s only one problem, and that is because I am coloured, and I seem to be in charge,” he says. 

“That is out of order, that is completely out of order,” says McAnulty, now back in the room. 

“Hang on, hang on. Stop, stop, Imtiaz, please,” begs Ross. 

Majid refuses: “No, I want to finish. I’ve been quiet for too long. 

“I’ve faced meetings where Asians are not allowed to come. I have faced meetings where Asians have been called racists. I can say this now because I’ve been elected as convener. 

“Today these people only walked out because I am coloured and I was elected.” 

After McAnulty asks Ross to halt the proceedings, Majid accuses her of having “form on this” and claims she apologised at a previous SNP meeting for a racist comment. 

“I did not make a racist comment," she replies angrily. "Pull the minutes and show me where the racist comment was.” 

After a brief lull, Ross says to the room: “You’ve got some serious issues.” 

McAnulty replies: “Yes, I’ve just been called a racist, and that’s going back to headquarters.” 

Majid responds: “We are the ones who are the brunt of this. So we decide if somebody is a racist. You don’t decide if somebody’s a racist. I’m at the brunt of this. I’ve been called a monkey. Where do you want me to start?”

It has to be said that almost all of the people involved in this meeting seem to be European indigenes. So if there are "Paki" manipulations going on, it would have to be behind the scenes.


  1. Éstas cosas, iguales en otros sitios en Europa, me causan fatiga, nadie se cree que el Racismo sea un motivo para atacar a nada, ni a nadie.

    Simplemente, son gente rara, que no tienen amplitud de miras, ni educación.

    Hoy cualquier sujeto ataca a otro con la excusa de Racismo, que ha promovido, precisamente, las Naciones Unidas, desde un entendimiento anglo-sajón ( que nada tiene que ver con otras culturas europeas para el propio significado de Racismo ).