Friday, 19 February 2016

At the centre of radical left antisemitism is its theory of racial oppression. The radical left holds anti-racism as a core principle and conceives of oppression through a binary of oppressors v oppressed, of whiteness v people of colour. It is a theory that has many merits, but when applied to Jews it becomes a quagmire of prejudice. 
Put simply, the student left conceives of Jews as white. Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews are ignored and the history of Jewish oppression through racial construction is dismissed, with Jews framed as the oppressors and the beneficiaries of white privilege. The perception carries weight because in the eyes of many, it contains some truth. The argument that Ashkenazi Jews benefit from white privilege is not uncommon, nor is it restricted to the radical left. 
Yet the consequence of seeing Jews as white is in effect antisemitic. Jews are identified with power, privilege and oppression, leading to overtones of some of the oldest antisemitic tropes: Jews controlling politicians, the media and financial institutions. 
By seeing Jews as white oppressors, the student left also vaccinates itself against any sort of sympathy for the Jewish experience. Unsurprisingly, this manifests itself in anti-Zionist politics. The radical left interprets Israeli politics through the “settler-colonial” paradigm. Not only does it take a quite incredible lack of compassion to see a Jewish holocaust refugee as a skull-capped Cecil Rhodes, it is no coincidence that Jews are seamlessly aligned with white colonialism – the radical left’s highest manifestation of whiteness, power, and oppression.

One of the reasons I try and avoid using the term "white", preferring the term "European" instead, is that avoids ridiculous debates like "whether Jews are white". Of course Jews are happy to describe themselves as white when it suits them, usually when they are calling for the immigration floodgates to be open: "Trust me, fellow white people, it will be fine."


  1. The Daily Telegraph had two such articles only recently, one dealing with boycotts against Israel with the title, and inference, that such boycotts lead guessed it...holocaust and persecution of said innocents. This, all without a note of irony (or information about how the ANC in South Africa was formed by Jews with Mandela as the front man and how Jews were at the forefront of boycotting that country so that it could become what it is today (white farmers murdered, their land stolen, largest percentage of rapes of any country, ruined economy...). These articles, in the Guardian, DT and elsewhere, are part of reconditioning and programming whites (sorry, but Englishmen are NOT now nor have ever been, 'Europeans'!) into being even more obsequious and self-demeaning to their masters.