Friday, 26 February 2016

A student was attacked, on Tuesday night, in Rennes. Two "jeunes", who said they were minors, stole his wallet. 
The police have issued a warning. It is 2am, on Tuesday/Wednesday night. A student was walking in the place des Lices, in Rennes, when he was approached by two "jeunes".   
No violence on their part, just an insistent embrace, but friendly. At least, in appearance. Because one of the "jeunes" took advantage of the manoeuvre to pick the student's pocket, stealing his wallet. 
... The student wasn't injured and his attackers were arrested. 
... They form part of the cohort of isolated minors who have no papers and who regularly change their name and date of birth. 
The police have issued a warning about the recurrence of this type of aggression, not just at weekends, but also during the week. 
They encourage young people to go through the town at night in groups if possible, taking well-lit routes. Favourite targets are people on their own, people who are vulnerable and in a state of drunkenness.


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