Saturday, 6 February 2016

Last week, the head of the AfD [Germany UKIP] said border guards should make use of weapons if necessary to keep refugees invaders out. In any other age of world history, this would have been regarded as mere common sense. In the age of madness we are currently living through, however, this provoked a hysterical reaction among the German ruling class. The Socialist Vice-Chancellor called for the party to be subject to surveillance. Established media immediately worked up an agitation against the party. Commentators on public service broadcasters openly denounced the party and called for Germans to reject it.

This is actually quite an extraordinary phenomenon, it occurred to me, as I watched one of these comment pieces on Tagesschau, the German equivalent of the News at Ten. Although we are used to the mass media propagandising indirectly on behalf of immigration and Islam and tarnishing European patriots as morally suspect, it would be inconceivable that the BBC, on its flagship news program, would give 3 minutes to a comment editorial explicitly telling people not to vote UKIP, or even BNP. At least some pretence of objectivity, it would be felt, had to be maintained. But not in Germany, it seems. But now comes a poll showing that one quarter of Germans support the idea of shooting unarmed "refugees" at the border.
According to an opinion poll, more than one German in four (29 per cent) considers it justified to use weapons against unarmed refugees to prevent them crossing the border. 57% consider this unjustified, 14% gave no answer. This is shown in poll by the opinion polling organisation YouGov.


  1. Perhaps the question should be phrased another way: If someone enters your home, uninvited, in fact in opposition to your wishes, with the intention of divesting you of your property and possibly your life or those whom you love, are you justified in using sufficient force to repel them or render them incapable of carrying out their intentions? Since the right to self-preservation, self-defence, is, logically, integral to the continuation of your self, your family, your race, your country, the answer would seem to be, YES. The problem clearly is that people have not thought this issue through or, perhaps most cynically, they assume, wrongly, that the invaders will pass through their country without inflicting harm on it or its peoples. Be patient, reality eventually arrives with a thud, even on a liberal or 'gutmensch.'

  2. Refugees do not need guns to cross EU borders. They can acquire the guns, etc. after they are 'settled' in their new home.