Saturday, 13 February 2016

Imtiaz Majid is one of the SNP councillors involved in one of the "racism" disputes (see here) within the party. It seems he has an interesting history. A complaint to the public standards commissioner was made against him by a fellow councillor in 2013.
The person complaining (“the complainant”), Councillor Alan O’Brien of North Lanarkshire Council, alleged that at the meeting of the Council held on 28 March 2013, some time after he (Councillor O’Brien) had compared the length of a councillor’s speech to the length of the Koran, Councillor Majid had repeatedly threatened and abused him. He alleged that Councillor Majid had shouted multiple threatening comments including that Councillor O’Brien had declared war on Islam, would be facing the wrath and fury of half a billion Muslims, and would be facing the repercussions of insulting Islam. The complainant concluded, “I believe Councillor Majid was threatening me with violence, however even if he claims otherwise he acted in an aggressive intimidating manner.”

The complaint was rejected on the strange grounds that if he had acted improperly someone else would already have taken action against him.

Imtiaz Majid was also accused of hiding his wealth to avoid having to pay some of it to his ex-wife. Above you see a photo of a clipping from a Scottish Sun on Sunday story by Russell Findlay (June 22, 2014, pg 14). (Source)

For more on the Muslim infiltration of the SNP see an article I wrote years ago (here).

Incidentally, it is interesting that exactly the same phenomenon is apparent in the separatist movement in Catalonia: the Muslims attach themselves to the separatist movement and the separatists ardently defend the interests of Muslims. I say this even though I support separatism in both cases.


There is more on Imtiaz Majid: "We decide if someone is a racist!" (see here).

Also Alan O'Brien, the councillor who made the complaint, said the following in a comment on the Herald today.

Alan O'Brien 8:29am Sun 14 Feb 16 Poor old victimised Cooncilor Majid has been a Councillor since 2012. 
The only time I have ever heard him open his mouth was to threaten me with the "wrath, fury and vengence of one and a half billion muslims" for mentioning the Quaran in a speech. 
Essentially a fatwa, I didn't report him to the police as I didn't want to provide ammunition for real racists, a decision I now regret. However, I did report him to the Standards commission who after consulting with Labour Provost Jim Roberts, decided not to investigate and didn't even interview me. 
Hey, issuing what I assume where death threats, in front of over a hundred people is just what we want from SNP Councillors, right?


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