Thursday, 18 February 2016

A mob of enraged local people gathered outside a building where Merkel was due to turn up for a political event. They were protesting against plans to build an asylum home there. You can hear the rage in their voicess they shout things like "Traitor to the people!", "Merkel must go!", "We are the people!". Referring to journalists, they say "Lying pack, Lying press, Stasi pack". They mock the even chants of the Anti-fa, shouting "Merkeljugend, hahaha!" "Merkel Youth, ha ha ha", implicitly referring to the Hitler Youth.

Encouragingly, this was in western Germany, not the east. So perhaps dissent is spreading.


  1. M_er_ke_L :


  2. Merkel Jugend doesn't refer, except subliminally to the Hitler Youth groups but, rather, to her own time in the Communist Youth group as part of a Stasi organisation when she was a teenager in East Germany.

    1. No I think it is explicitly trying to link the antifa fascists to the Nazis who they claim to fight against.

      But this is great, I hope we get more stories like this in the coming weeks before it's too late.