Saturday, 20 February 2016

In the course of the Telequattro program "Ring", hosted as always by Ferdinando Avarino, broadcast on Thursday 18 February, a 19-year-old described how she and her friends had been molested during the nights of the Carnival in Muggia (mainly in the building). Testimony that reinforces the indications from our readers and viewers about the presence of numerous refugees whose behaviour - to make a strong comparison in due proportion - recalled that of "New Year's Eve in Cologne". 
"I've never seen anything like it," explains spiega Eleonora Righi, appalled at the many refugees (near the centre) in Muggia. "There were always three or four ready to approach you; they insisted they wanted to dance, but in reality it was about rubbing themselves against us; the only thing I and my friends could do was move away, go in or leave somewhere, because it wasn't enough to tell them no two, three or four times. Many times in succession they touched me and my friends' breasts and bottoms." 
"They all had drinks in their hands. They didn't speak Italian and their skin colour wasn't either. Some took photos and videos," continues Eleonora. "It wasn't boys who defended us, but the guards, but they only checked the documents."


  1. "It wasn't boys who defended us but the guards." Yes, payback is a bitch, as they say somewhat crudely. Generations of young girls and women accepting the lies of Feminism (which denies the female's innate birthing and nurturing talents without which no civilisation can survive) and the Depravity, Degeneracy and Debauchery of media (largely owned, whether in print/online form or Hollywood, by the Jews) in turning them into immoral ______, or Academia (run by the usual suspects) filling their heads with nonsense about cruel patriarchial Western societies (which protected, exalted and respected them) to make them hostile to these very 'boys' who are now, as a sex, and a race and religious group, being marginalised and will eventually be decimated, if they (female and male) don't wake up very quickly to this evil genocidal con game. Be grateful, dear, that, for the moment, the guards are doing at least a bit of their job. The day may come when the guards will also be your enemy.

  2. Yer but anonymous above if these chicks were as tainted by feminism as you claim they wouldnt make the statement 'it wasnt the boys who defended us'. That thought wouldnt occur to them. Maybe you are one of the boys who wont defend lol.

    1. If you reread her comment, you'll realise that she and her friends (all female) weren't in the company of presumably Italian 'boys'; they just expected the Italian males who may have been present to do something to help them, rather the way people in general see the State as their main support (instead of their own selves or their national ethnicity en masse). 'the guards' were, in this case, the 'State.' And feminism, as so many destructive influences on modern society, is subtly ingrained at every stage of a Westerner's development (think about the "right" to murder a baby in the womb, the "right" to sexual degeneracy, the "right" to sexual perversion --- and foisting it on the entire society --- the "right" of the criminal...);this girl didn't think about how all this impacts on her, she only thought about men as a protection when suddenly her liberalised world showed its real fangs (with the "right" of the invaders to assert their ideology's own "rights" re females).

    2. The problem with feminism part 1:

      There is very high birth rate in Africa and in muslim countries, average TFR is 4 in Africa and 3,1 in muslim countries. Africa is projected to have 4 billion people, and the Middle East 1 billion people. Nigeria alone is projected to have 400 million people. In most latino countries, there is positive birth rate, with the exception of Brasil. Birth rate is positive in India as well. White TFR in the US is 1.75, in Europe 1,5, in Canada 1,5. The replacement rate is 2.1, so white TFR is negative in all western countries. Therefore white people will disappear if they do not change their behavior.

      In all feminist countries, you have negative birth rates, that could lead to the disappearance of the native population, if birth rates are not raised. Whites in the US are projected to disappear in 200 years. Feminism is decadent behavior, something that could only happen in a country that is already rich, not something progressive or modernizing. Just like in decadent Rome, where they were ultimately forced to tax single people in order to get them to marry and have kids. In all feminist societies you have massive third-worldization, lowering of IQ, race mixing with blacks, conversions to Islam, etc. The most feminist country in the world – Sweden, is dying right now due to third world/muslim immigration. Muslims are outbreeding europeans in almost all european countries. Barbarism is the last stage of feminism.

      Western feminized societies are dysgenic. Do you know that successful women in the West are also dysgenic women (genetically unsuccessful)? Do you know that the women with the highest education and those in managerial positions are also those women most likely to be childless?

      Do you know that dumb women are those with the highest birth rate? Do you know that all western countries have negative birth rates and can not survive without immigration? And who is going to send those migrants? Most high fertility countries are also low IQ countries.

      When i saw the Economist’s cover for 2016,

      i saw 3 western women on it: Angela Merkel (0 kids), Hillary Clinton (1 kid), and Janet Yellen (1 kid). Do you know what this means? It means that those women are dysgenic. That the future women are not going to look or behave like them. Future women will be probably brown or muslim, and will be dumber than them. That’s quite ironic. The most successful women today are those with the weakest genes. Therefore they are not successful from evolutionary point of view, and the women of the future are not going to look or behave as them.

    3. The problem with feminism part 2

      Right now IQ is dropping in western countries due to third world immigration and dysgenic behavior.

      Evidence suggests that the IQs of people in the UK, Denmark, Norway and Australia have declined in the last decade.

      Data for the US also suggests possible IQ decline.

      East Asian students are now outperforming western students according to PISA surveys, which wasn’t the case before 15 years:

      So in virtually all western feminized countries, you will see those things happening:
      1. Economic decline – as share of world GDP. For example Western Europe accounted for 28% of global economic output in 1950 and in 1970. By 1990, this had fallen to 24% and stands at 19% today. A Citigroup forecast suggests it will shrink to 11% by 2030 and 7% by 2050.
      2. Older and declining native population.
      3. Massive third-worldization and foreign (jewish) infiltration (that infiltration happens easily because females are significantly less xenophobic than males, hence a feminized society will be less xenophobic and more friendly towards foreigners).

      4 IQ decline.

      So it is clear, that feminism is decadent behavior that only happens in rich, decadent white countries, and further contributes to their decline. It is quite interesting that jews, who are supposed to be smart, are not willing to implement feminism in Israel, and have higher birth rate, few single moms, higher marriage rate and lower divorse rate compared to the average american. A jewish woman in Israel is not allowed to marry a muslim (while 75 percent of converts to islam in the US and UK are local women). I wonder why is that? Maybe because feminism is not good for the jews (but is good for the destruction of white people of european descent)?

    4. The problem with feminism part 3

      There are numerous studies indicating that women are less xenophobic, less racist, and more accepting of foreigners, including more willing to help foreigners/refugees in need. 75 percent of converts to Islam in the US and the UK are women, as well as the majority of whites who mix with blacks. It follows that a feminized society will be more tolerant and accepting society, while a masculinized society will be more nationalist society. There are plenty of studies showing that women have more liberal voting patterns, are more supportive of affirmitive action in order to fight “racial inequality”, are less willing to support deportation of illegal immigrants, etc.

      Suffrage coincided with immediate increases in government expenditures and revenue and more liberal voting patterns for MPs.
      It is not a coincidence that Sweden, the most feminized country on the planet, took more refugees per capita than anyone else. There is only one anti-immigration party there and women were only 36 percent of its voters, same for most anti-immigration parties in Europe.

      So women are not going to fix the islamization/third-worldization problems, since, in many ways, they caused those problems, via “child-free” behavior causing negative birth rate (below population replacement rate), political support for “tolerance”, “multiculturalism”, the welfare state, and dysgenic behavior (highly educated women are more likely to be childless compared to less educated women).

      The more nationalist countries are those with more male influence (Russia, China, Muslim countries, Japan, Israel, Eastern Europe, etc.), while the more liberal countries are those with more female influence, such as those from Western Europe and North America.

      Men evolved to protect the perimeter against males from other (mainly patriarchal) tribes (chimps do the same). Having women involved in decisions about the perimeter results in what we see – open borders, multiculture, diversity, “tolerance”.

      Women, for the most part, care about resources and smoothing conflict over. They evolved to fill that role. Stockholm Syndrome is far more pronounced in female captives. Women were frequently taken captive by (or in some cases traded to) other groups, and so they evolved to smooth things over with distant groups (whereas their male kinfolk were simply killed). The survival of their genes, unless they were exceptionally ugly, was more or less guaranteed – whichever tribe they end up being with. That is why they are more accepting of foreigners and foreign rule.

      So, women tend to vote for resource redistribution and being nice to everybody (including those who aren’t in their group), and for helping everybody in need, regardless of their group (say hello to refugee crisis).

    5. The figures I've seen for Nigeria project a population of 732 million in 2100, as a medium estimate, and more than 1 billion as a high estimate.

      See a post I made years ago:

    6. For Nigeria, i think it is population of 400 million for 2050, and as you mentioned nearly 1 billion for 2100.