Sunday, 21 February 2016

Onlookers viewed with undisguised pleasure a fire at a future asylum centre in Bautzen. Some of them even hindered the effort to extinguish it. According to police estimates around 20 to 30 people gathered on Sunday night when the fire broke out in the middle of a residential area. 
Some of the spectators were drunk and made "derogatory remarks" or shown "undisguised pleasure", reported a police spokesman. As far as is known currently, no one was injured in the fire.

This is in Saxony, in eastern Germany.


  1. It is rather significant that it occurred in East Germany for they know far better than their docile West German fellow citizens what it is like to live under tyranny.

  2. Some media are referring to these 'centres' as RAPEUGEE CENTRES --- catchy phrase, it should be used all the time until the dim bulbs amongst the 'gutmenschen' finally switch on.