Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I've seen some dodgy translations in my time, but this one is quite astounding. The translation bears almost no relationship to what she is actually saying. There is only the most superficial correspondence between the two, and sometimes not even that. I can't be bothered going over the whole thing, but here's just one example. When asked how she would respond to claims that her remarks were hateful, she says in French:
...the difficulty, if you like, to explain, is that it is not the immigrant as such, the person, that we target, that we attack, but the immigration policy as a whole, which has a harmful effect. But at a given moment, the principle of reality applies. I know that in France...
The Fox News translation of this was:
I would like to remind you that France is Europe's leading exporter of ISIS soldiers to Islamic state, which underlines a malaise. Don't bury your head in the sand. The areas with the higher immigration rates are the areas with the strong insecurity. This immigration policy has failed.


  1. Firsst, I could hardly believe it ; such a behaviour is too far from my own ethics ; then, thinking again, I have to believe it, because that sort of cheating is normal in socialist circles.