Sunday, 14 February 2016

This was from an interview the Pope had with the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera recently.
Often, Bergoglio [the Pope] uses a Biblical metaphor. He compares the Old Continent to Sarah, the wife of Abraham. Sara was sterile and when she was more than seventy years old, according to the customs of those remote times she gave her slave to her husband so he could father a child on her. But then, miraculously, she succeeded in having one at the age of ninety. "Europe," Francisco loves to repeat, "is like Sarah, who first feared but then smiled secretly." His hope, referring to what he had said, is that Europe will "smile secretly" at the immigrants.

This Pope is an enemy of Europe. He was appointed after pressure to appoint a non-European. They found a third-worlder (Argentinian) of Italian descent, thinking he couldn't be that bad. Well, he was. When talking about Europe and Europeans, he repeatedly uses contemptuous terminology that would unhesitatingly be branded "hate speech" if it was used against anyone else.


  1. Sí, totalmente de acuerdo con lo comentado : es enemigo de Occidente.

  2. To send at Pope :

  3. Let's look at the crime and rape stats before the crisis:,d.dmo

    1. Eso no tiene sentido.

      La información equipara un país como Suecia a otros con una población diez veces mayor de población, ( 15.000.0000 con ésto 150.000.000 ). Absurdo.

      Es un enlace sionista, con la herramienta de la Izquierda radical.

      La Endofobia está muy presente en el artículo.

      Además, si ubicamos otros estudios del crimen, todos los factores apuntan a etnias no blancas.

      Muy importante, protegerse de la intoxicación. )

  4. ¿ Qué es ésto ? What is... : ( many more Francmasonry... (



  7. The christian churches are totally jewified now - all they preach is anti-white propaganda lol its a complete joke

  8. PODEMOS and Mareas ( Comunists in Spain ) :

  9. Well, Let's follow the pope's commandment and start getting those white women pregnant! I've got my ticket and passport. Coming from South East Washington DC with a pocket of cash from my drug money days.