Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Army Corps general Christian Piquemal, an elite warrior who commanded the Foreign Legion between 1994 and 1999 and for a long time has been president of the National Union of Parachutists has been arrested today in Calais during the banned demonstration of the Pegida movement. 
He wrote a statement announcing his arrival in Calais, disgusted by the local authority ban.

Some more of the scuffles and protests.


  1. I posted here recently the account by Maurice Paleologue, the last French Ambassador to the Court of the Tsar of All Russia (well worth reading his memoirs BTW) in which he recounts how he and his daughter stood watching a workers' demonstration in March 1917 across a bridge to which the Russian Army was marching with the seeming intention of dispersing the demonstrators. (There had been many such demos because of desperate food shortages occasioned by the First World War, still raging) As he and his daughter watched, fearing they would see a bloodbath, the Army seamlessly melted into the demonstration rather than stopping it. "The Army had joined the Revolution" Paleologue wrote in his diary, and he knew their world would never be the same...