Monday, 11 January 2016

I've argued previously that the ideology of Equality, conformity to which is generally called political correctness, actually represents a new religion. Literally, not metaphorically.

There are certain recurrent characteristics we normally see associated with the emergence in history of what come to be called religions.

1) The new religion is nearly always a variant of an older, established religion. The Cult of Equality is clearly a variant of Christianity. It takes the basic Christian sense of ethics - the moral universalist mission - and sheds the superstitions.

2) The new religion is not initially recognised as being a new religion. It is seen as a kind of movement or current within the older, established religion. Only later, sometimes centuries later, is it perceived as being a distinct thing. For example, Christianity and Judaism were originally not separate. People - in some places for centuries - considered themselves to be both Christians and Jews. The break came when the "Christian Jews" decided that Christ's message was for everyone and not just those who were members of the Chosen Race.

What we are now seeing in Europe is the Religion of Equality usurping Christianity, even within the institutional framework of the Christian churches. Many of the Christian priests, perhaps especially in the Church of England, strike me as no longer actually believing in their own religion. If they really believe that through conformity to their doctrines, people can enjoy a state of eternal bliss, and, conversely, that lack of such conformity condemns a person to eternal torment, why have they made no efforts to convert Muslims? Surely any moral person would try to spare others from eternal torment? They seem to regard their church as being little better than a charity or human rights organisation.

But now comes the breaking point. The Equality Cultists within the Church of England want to advance their Equality agenda within the church, pushing rights for gays and women [see here]. The non-Europeans, not afflicted by the Equality Cult and intent on preserving Christianity in its traditional form, are fighting back. This may lead to the break-up of the Church of England, just as Christianity and Judaism once broke up when the new religion and the old proved irreconcilable.


  1. Sort of true. Yet the takeover of the mainstream (and in Europe often state-run) churches is not happening, it HAS happened.

    Then one should always remember that judaism is a younger religion than Christianity. The judaism at the time of the apostles is not the judaism of the Talmud that followed the roman-jewish wars of the first and second centuries.

    Now the old jewish temple religion was not Christianity for the very reason that it had no Messiah/Christ, only the prophetic promise of one. When the temple was destroyed and later the messianic revolt (Simon bar Kokhbar) under the roman emperors Trajan and Hadrian was defeated, the ancient temple-"judaism" broke down and was fully replaced by the new Talmudic cult of the sages. A sort of gnostic-occultist mix of Rabbi-worship with already established near Eastern mysticism, that is hellenistic dualism and superstitious folk traditionalism.

    While the modern Western cult of man seems to be a revamped romano-greek rationalism mixed with an extreme sort of Pelagianism, which has no real need of Christ and His atonening self-sacrifice on the cross for mankinds sins. And so western men and women has taken it upon themselves to pay the heavy price of self-sacrifice, that the "holy" law of universal human rights may be upheld.

  2. "Yet the takeover of the mainstream (and in Europe often state-run) churches is not happening, it HAS happened."

    That is to say the mainstream churches went along with the ruling Western mainstream culture. Slowly being filled with clergy that could and/or would not think outside the culture-box. Which also is very hard to do by the way.

    It is my estimate that the process was almost finished already in the 1940s and 50s, and then fully manifested in the 60s and 70s.

    And then in the 80s and 90s going from a stark modernism to all out utopian globalism. The cold war ending and multicultural-corporatist-zionist America being the winner.

  3. "I've argued previously that the ideology of Equality, conformity to which is generally called political correctness, actually represents a new religion. Literally, not metaphorically."

    I call it communism 2. The old communism was about income equality, but it failed. The new communism is about racial equality, gender equality, marriage equality, etc. But they no longer care about the poor. The jews are the rich this time, not the revolutionaries.
    The old communism and the new communism was/is pushed by jews. You can see by this picture, which Google used to congratulate the american military veterans, what they are trying to do.
    The new communism:

    I believe this new communism of racial and gender equality will fail just like the old communism.

  4. The Western cult of man has many strands! Marxism is but one of them.

    The entire center-right and its globalist neo-liberal corporatism has nothing but contempt for the socialist anti-fascists roaming the streets in support of massmigration from the third World, but they will use them for they share the same ideal of a borderless planet.

    Merkel is no marxist, but a libertarian conservative, that is a globalist center-rightist. And so is David Cameron in the UK.

    Both firm supporters and enablers of third world colonization of Europe.