Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Much of the coverage of the New Year's Eve attacks on women in Germany suggests that they were a one-off. But, in fact, the problem is still continuing. There have been several reports of similar behaviour even after the horrified public reaction to what happened. One of these, in Leipzig, may be particularly significant, since, a few days ago, on the same day this incident was reported in fact, there was "patriotic unrest" there, in which various left-wing and Muslim-seeming establishments were attacked. This report may well have been the trigger for it.
A week after the sex attacks on New Year's Eve in Cologne, a woman in Lepzig has now also been the victim of an attack from a group of men "mainly migrants". This was communicated by Leipzig Police on request [tn: so the police didn't announce it as per their guidelines about not reporting asylum seeker crime unless they are asked a specific question about it] from [newspaper website]. On Saturday, shortly after midnight, a 31-year-old woman was approached by 31 men in Leipzig Central Rail Station and touched in an unseemly way, said Jack Dietrich from the Situation Centre. The perpetrators had come from a group of 15 men. 
The woman who was attacked reported the incident immediately to the police in the railway station. The search in the area of the crime led to both of the men, a Tunisian (31) and a Libyan (24) being apprehended and identified by the victim, according to the Leipzig Police.

At first the police said the perpetrators were asylum seekers then they declared their immigration status was unclear.


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