Saturday, 9 January 2016


  1. In Maurice Paleologue's memoirs of his time as French Ambassador to Russia before the Jewish 'bolshevik' Revolution, he recounts how he and his daughter were watching from the windows of their Embassy as the Russian Army in the capitol approached a large mass of rioting, demonstrating Russian people who were protesting against the lack of bread and other necessities of life (this was when Russia was still an ally in the First World War and suffering huge military losses, deaths of thousands of soldiers and desperate food shortages, all of which was being exploited by the bolsheviks. They watched, assuming the Army would charge the protestors and disperse them and kill some of them. Instead, the Army marched directly towards the protestors and melded in with them. As Paleologue wrote, "The Army had joined the Revolution" and he realised the world (their world) had changed forever. Let us hope history will repeat itself, with the exception this time that we will not merely be cattle manipulated once again by the usual suspects and supporting the usual controlled opposition and false flag movements. Our civilisation's existence depends upon our discernment as well as our determination. If we get it wrong again, and support the very forces that wish, ultimately, to annihilate us, there will be no further opportunities.