Tuesday, 12 January 2016


  1. 80% of convicted rapists now serving time in Swedish prisons are North African or Middle Eastern men. The latest figures for 2014 were 6,600 sexual assaults - meaning that removing the NA & ME influence would have prevented 5,280 Swedish women from rape.
    It is a cultural problem that exists across Europe, were predominantly Muslim men are much more likely to offend than native populations. Ridiculous that Europe is willing to sacrifice their women and girls to these barbarian rapists in order to prove their humanitarianism.

    1. In exchange for our women and girls our elite paedophile politicians get little boys that they can rape at their leisure. Most of these abominations wouldn't know what to do with a woman hence in their warped eyes it is a fair "exchange" and they know because of the stigma and shame little boys will never admit to having been raped. They are vampires who need a constant supply of children, fresh meat, and since they have fucked things up for the indigenous people through feminism and high taxation, immigrant children are the next best thing. I hope they all catch HIV or hepatitis.