Thursday, 14 January 2016

26-year-old Selina from Koblenz reported last week about the attacks that she had experienced on New Year's Eve in Cologne. Afterwards she was massively demonised on the internet. 
Selina is shocked and unbelievably angry when she thinks of the video that a complete stranger has posted on the internet about her. It shows extracts from her television interview. In it, she tells of how the men who committed the harassment on New Year's Eve had a "Southern" appearance and spoke Arabic. For that the 26-year-old was insulted as a racist and an extreme right-winger.
"I am supposed to have said they were Muslims," she says to SWR in a second interview. "But I didn't say that anywhere, I would also never say that because you can never tell someone's religion from their appearance." The creator of the video had done extensive research and even posted her full name on the internet. "That has really made me afraid," said the young woman. 
The hate video spread rapidly on the internet and even ended up on the page of the Islamist preacher Pierre Vogel. "When I saw that, I really had to gulp and I was afraid. I wasn't sure what would happen if someone was in front of my door," she says. "If someone sees that who instantly believes it or someone with a radical background?" 
The hatred even went so far that she got threatening calls at work. But Selina didn't put up with it and defended herself against the charges on her Facebook page. Finally the man who insulted her in the video got in contact. He asked whether there was any inaccuracy in the video. "I explained to him that the whole thing was inaccurate and threatened to go to a lawyer and file a complaint about death threats and damage to my business," says Selina. The statement had its effect: the video was withdrawn from the internet. 
Selina did not file a complaint. The 26-year-old never expected that her public appearances could have had such an effect. But she will continue in the same way: "I won't allow it to get me down and speak out often for exactly that reason," she says.


  1. She's very foolish; she should, indeed, file a complaint with the police for harrassment. And people should get off these 'social media' like Facebook (which are owned by the usual suspects)because these social media are tracking and spying systems. The Left is evil and intent on genocide and enslavement of Caucasian Christian peoples of the West and will do everything, including the absolute extremes of violence, to attain its ends.

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    They must stop being afraid.

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