Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Are refugees treated differently from Germans when a crime is committed? A monstrous suspicion, that a Federal Police officer has given new life to. He claims that is required to adopt a special approach. 
...A Federal Police officer named Bernd K. has now told the "Bild" newspaper: "When a refugee wants to run away during a stop, we can't hold him. Those are the instructions from above. That would be physical force. Internally the word if: better to them run."


  1. When the police and the army have so obviously foresworn their oaths to uphold the peace and protect the citizens and preserve the nation, it then behooves the people themselves to re-shoulder that burden and sacred oath. (I say 'sacred' because, apart from the concept of an oath as that which is sworn with full faith and honesty to higher authority, these oaths by law preservers are concerned with the very preservation of the lives of the people which in all societies and civilisations is tied to the concept of a relationship with divinity and the concept that a people have an eternal and enduring quality which must be preserved).

    Of course, there is also the underlying intention of the EU to institute a European Police Force and a European Army, ostensibly to make up for these inadequacies of national law enforcement system when, in fact, the EU along with the US (especially the Jewish lobby groups,Jewish members of US Cabinet and government advisors and 'Friends of Israel' Congressional members), NATO and the UN, has worked to spread war and instability throughout the Middle East as a means of turning millions of ME inhabitants into invaders, islamifiers and jihadists in Western countries.

  2. Morgenthau plan, phase II.

  3. This is what the Fascist governments in Europe want: rampant terror, so the people will submit to a Totalitarian Police State in order to be protected from Muslim terror.