Saturday, 16 January 2016

Federal finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has made a financing suggestion in the refugee crisis which may cause unease among many. 
He wants to introduce a petrol tax. Federal finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has proposed an additional EU-wide petrol tax to acquire the finances required to overcome the refugee crisis. 
"I have said, if the resources in the national budgets and the European budget are not sufficient, let us, for example, agree to levy a specific amount of tax on each litre of petrol," said the CDU politician to the "Süddeutschen Zeitung" (Saturday). 
"Why should we not arrange it at the European level when the task is so urgent? We now need to secure the Schengen external borders. The solution to this problem should not fail because of lack of resources."


  1. So, having cheated, robbed and subjected the European peoples to at least 16 years in which the EU's accounts cannot be signed off due to dishonesty on the part of EU officials, this parasite wants to inflict more economic slavery on European peoples.

  2. It seems the money would be used to secure the borders but these people have lost all credibility.

  3. No se trata de un motivo económico. NO, es también de seguridad.

    Y, además la idea viene muy tarde.

    Algunos políticos como Mama Merkel creen que mandan y ordenan en toda Europa. NO, y se puede ver, cuando surgen éstos problemas, entonces, el problema no es del político : es de todos los europeos.

    Si un país cierra sus fronteras, sin consultar a otros miembros de la Unión Europea, deriva el problema a los otros miembros, y aparecen las discordias internas, el malestar, las protestas, etc, en todos los sitios.

    Es así. Thus.