Thursday, 14 January 2016

In Rheinberg, in the Wesel district, for the first time a carnival procession has been cancelled with reference to the refugee situation. The Shrove Tuesday procession in the Orsoy district will not take place. A spokesman for the city of Rheinberg made reference to the New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne: it cannot be excluded that refugees would visit the procession and through, for example, excessive alcohol consumption, scenes like those in Cologne would occur. In Orsoy, where around 3000 people live, there is a central accommodation institution for the state of North Rhine Westphalia in a former hospital. 200 refugees live there; at the start of February another 300 will come. 
This situation contains a "potential for danger", said the city spokesman. Most refugees are not familiar with carnival processions; in addition, many North Africans live in Orsoy. According to initial information, the perpetrators in Cologne were also mainly North Africans. 650 criminal complaints have now been filed there.


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