Saturday, 9 January 2016

A high-ranking police official from Frankfurt/M. explains to BILD [newspaper]: "With crimes from suspects with a foreign nationality and who are registered at an initial reception centre, we put the case on the desk to one side right away." 
The official continues: "There are strict instructions from the authority chiefs not to report about crimes committed by refugees. Only direct questions from media representatives about crimes of this type should be answered." 
However: Not every crime in Germany is disclosed automatically - though it is exceptional that specific perpetrators should deliberately NOT be reported and the information classed as "Not press-free". 
According to BILD's information, the Hessian police officials were given the concealment instruction at a conference. 
Michael Schaich, spokesman for the Hesse Interior Ministry, concedes: "It has been pointed out to the press office management that the topic of 'refugees' could be instrumentalised by right-wing extremists to deliberately stir up feeling against those who are seeking protection."


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