Sunday, 6 December 2015

Every time there's another mass shooting in the US, the British media cranks up one of the favourite themes in its jukebox: the need for gun control in the US. To the elite commentators that comprise the British establishment, the lack of such controls in America is completely incomprehensible. They can hardly believe that Americans are so deeply, irrationally attached to their traditions of gun ownership that they will not take action to prevent these massacres.

But whenever a jihad attack is committed in Europe by a Muslim immigrant or person of recent immigrant origin - and they're now occurring on a regular basis - there is no comparable demand for a restriction on Muslim immigration. No one, other than Tommy Robinson in an interview I saw recently, dares to call for a ban or limit on Muslim immigration. To people outwith European civilisation, people not afflicted by what is conventionally called "political correctness" - in reality Oriental guilt spells that have been cast upon Europeans to deform and derationalise their judgement - this must seem equally bizarre. Chinese and Japanese people must look in wonderment at the latest jihad news from Europe and think: why do they keep letting them in? What's wrong with these people? Why are they causing such obvious harm to themselves and refusing to take the remedy that lies to hand? This is exactly the attitude of mystification that our ruling class displays towards the ethic of gun ownership in the US.

The argument always instantly trotted out whenever the question of the larger Muslim demographic is raised after a jihad attack, is the classic "Tiny Minority" one. Only a tiny minority of Muslims engage in jihad attacks so it's wrong to argue that Muslim immigration should be restricted to prevent them. But why is the same logic not applied to the gun debate? Only a tiny minority of guns that are manufactured or sold in shops ever kill people, so there's no need to restrict gun sales and no need to worry about being shot. Only a tiny minority of Nazis ever killed Jews, so there's no need to worry about Nazis. Only a tiny minority of BNP members ever punched a Paki, so there's no need to worry about the BNP. No. This argument is only ever heard in defence of Muslims. And it makes no more sense there than it does in any other context.


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