Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Stella Creasy, the high-profile MP for Walthamstow and defeated deputy Labour leadership candidate, is the first serious target of an attempt to deselect a sitting Labour MP, the New Statesman has learnt. 
Creasy, who is widely considered to be on the right of the party, is believed to be particularly vulnerable to an attempt to replace her with an MP closer to the Labour party’s left. Her constituency, and the surrounding borough of Waltham Forest, as well as the neighbouring borough of Leyton and Wanstead, has a large number both of new members, inspired either to join or return to Labour by Jeremy Corbyn, plus a strong existing network of leftwing groupings and minor parties. 
...Creasy has come under pressure from within her local party in recent weeks over the coming vote on bombing Syria. Asim Mahmood, a Labour councilor in Creasy’s constituency, has called for any MP who votes for bombing to face a trigger ballot and reselection. Creasy hit back at Mahmood on Facebook, saying that while she remained uncertain of how to vote: “the one thing I will not do is be bullied by a sitting Walthamstow Labour councilor with the threat of deselection if I don’t do what he wants”. 
Local members believe that Mahmood may be acting as the stalking horse for his sister, the current mayor of Waltham Forest, Saima Mahmud, who may be a candidate in the event of a trigger ballot against Creasy.

The New Statesman, predictably, makes no mention of the Muslim angle at all. But Walthamstow, in East London, is massively Muslim-colonised (22% Muslim). This is where the Sharia patrols were being held not long ago, as shown in the video above. So here we have an example of Muslims mobilising politically to take out a an uppity kuffar woman daring to contemplate an attack on the Umma.


More on this. a Muslim mob outside her home last night. Her staff harassed and threatened. (link)


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