Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Rare witness testimonies spread on the internet have mentioned heads cut off during the hostage-taking in the concert hall. Two weeks after the attacks, the web is buzzing and internet users are demanding a response from the government. 
Everything started from a witness testimony reported by the newspaper "Le Progrès". Published two days after the attacks, the article went more or less unnoticed. But it was recently picked up by Twitter users and has given rise to a rumour that has heaped even greater horror upon the horror. In the columns of a regional daily newspaper, the mother of a police officer stationed in Paris describes the nightmare her son experienced on 13 November. "What he saw is horrible," says the woman, explaining that her son was responsible for monitoring a bar close to the Bataclan during the hostage-taking. When he had returned home, he was able to reassure his mother over the phone: "He told me it wasn't nice to see ... he saw scenes of blood, of heads cut off.."

We know the media have already covered up the ethnic element of the attack, concealing the fact that the jihadis deliberately spared people who looked Arab or North African  (see here). There is also the nature of the concert itself, which I have never seen mentioned. Rock music is performed and enjoyed almost exclusively by ethnic Europeans. So, in targeting a rock concert, they knew they were going to get predominantly European victims.

For an interesting parallel, read this story (link) in the New York Times about how the Israeli athletes were tortured by Muslims in the 1972 Olympic massacre but this was covered for years by the authorities.


  1. The ISIS statement issued after the attacks mentions ‘the Bataclan theatre for exhibitions, where hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice.’

  2. Surely you have more sources than this?

  3. Surely you have more sources than this?