Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The female FN sympathiser will certainly offer us some birches to beat her with. As she appreciates the boot and macho-ness, despises feminist ideas, let's play her game: beat her with our birches, take her at her word, just take her. Since she is giving us the recipe to race-mix the bleu Marine [the name for Marine Le Pen's leadership of the Front National], let's use it against her side. Sexually dominate the little girl frontistes...

This was published in an online section of Le Nouvel Observateur newspaper, a sort of French equivalent of the Guardian. It has now been withdrawn after complaints were received.



    The patrol of "Sharia police 'in Wuppertal made a year ago for outrage and calls for harsh penalties. Now, the district court said: The appearance in the vests was not punishable.