Thursday, 17 December 2015

A white supremacist has been jailed for three years and four months following his conviction of inciting racial hatred after he published antisemitic material. 
Joshua Bonehill-Paine was described in court as “an extremist” who had expressed “virulently racist views in respect to the Jewish community”. 
He had been arrested ahead of a planned neo-Nazi rally which was due to take place at the heart of the Jewish community in Golders Green, north-west London, in July. 
Bonehill-Paine, of Yeovil, Somerset, had circulated images online including one which described the protest as an “anti-Jewification” event. It carried a picture of a weed-killer being sprayed at a concentration camp. 
On Monday the court heard Bonehill-Paine had encouraged supporters to attend the protest by telling them it “promises to be an absolute gas!”. A prosecution lawyer said the message was “as inflammatory as possible” and that another poster “trivialises and mocks the death of millions of Jews during the Third Reich”. 
He was convicted at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday. Bonehill-Paine had argued that the Shomrim, a volunteer Jewish security group, was in effect enforcing “Talmudic law” in north London. He said he found strictly Orthodox Jews racist, sexist and believed they were committing “genocide” of white people. 
A Community Security Trust spokesman said: “CST is proud to have played its part in the initial arrest of this troublemaker for the hateful image. 
“We welcome his having been found guilty, but it is dreadful that he was able to harass and abuse so many people over all this time.” 
Detective Chief Inspector Andy Barnes, who led the investigation for the Met's Public Order Investigation Branch, said: "The Met fully understands the hurt that is felt in communities affected by this type of crime. 
"It is only by continually working with communities that we can ensure they are safe and free from fear. 
"As this case demonstrates, there is no place for people inciting racial hatred under the guise of protest and those that do this will be investigated and brought before the courts to answer for this crime."

His website is here. Here are some of the videos that appear on it. He speaks in a curiously old-fashioned way, almost like a pastiche of Oswald Mosley, the British fascist leader of the 1930s. It almost make me wonder whether this is some kind of parody or trolling operation. In one of the videos below, he does admit that, for trolling purposes, he created a persona of a right-wing fascist extremist. However, since he's now been imprisoned, can we assume it's for real? Surely he would have admitted it was a troll during his trial if it really was? In the video, he does say he was prepared to go to prison for his trolling.


I don't agree with everything he says in these videos. In fact, I think a lot of it is kind of nutty. It's possible to recognise that Jews, through their high intelligence and obsessive pursuit of their own ethnic interests, tend to have harmful effects on the peoples they live among, and that Communism and immigrationism are particular examples of this, without necessarily believing that this is all part of some vast conspiratorial agenda malevolently designed to destroy the goyim. There is a tendency in those who dare to be critical of Jewish behaviour to vastly overestimate Jewish intelligence and power. This, in a sense, is simply an acceptance and an inversion of the Jewish supremacist's self-image. I've written before about how many Jewish "interventions" have gone catastrophically awry, both for them and for the unfortunate goyim (see here).

That said, even if its extent is occasionally exaggerated, Jewish power is clearly a reality. He protested against the "myth" of Jewish privilege and has now been jailed for three years, suggesting that it isn't a myth at all. This, it seems, is the image that formed a key part of the prosecution's case.

I, too, find this offensive. It's possible to recognise that Jews, acting as a deterritorialised nation, tend to have harmful effects on the territorialised nations they live among, without wanting to exterminate them or feeling a sense of gloating pleasure at their murder. The solution to the problem of deterritorialised nationhood is territorialised nationhood. Zionism. The Jews should live in their own land among their own kind, just like any other people. Ethno-nationalism is the way to a happy and healthy existence for Jews and non-Jews.

Even though I may disagree with much of what Bonehill says and the way he says it, it is utterly outrageous that he has been imprisoned for expressing these views. The same people who denounce restrictions on free speech about Muslims will, I am sure, remain silent about this, or even feel a sense of gloating pleasure when they hear about it.

UPDATE: I've been reading a bit more about Bonehill's trolling career. It seems he was once charged after calling for disabled children to be killed, as in Ancient Sparta. In that case, he was acquitted because the judge said he had a "right to free speech". Even though what he said about Jews was much milder, it seems his "right to free speech" does not apply in this case.


  1. Pero, hay un problema de orden técnico, sin duda, con respecto a las Leyes.

    Las leyes de cada país ( o nación ) democrático ( occidentales ) suelen ser ambiguas y mal definidas, además de estar elaboradas evidentemente por la acción humana ; por lo tanto imperfectas, lógicamente.

    Prueba de ésta imperfección ( de las leyes, algunas ) sería la contradicción entre : discriminación, protección exclusiva y, ésto otro : la libertad de expresión.

    Por lo tanto, creemos que la Justicia puede estar --- de facto --- y per sé influida por elementos políticos. Un claro ejemplo lo tenemos en España, actualmente ( pues no existe la separación del poder Judicial al poder legislativo, ya que inciden en la formación de Tribunales ).

    Ocurre, habitualmente, que nos encontramos un problema adicional provocado por los políticos clasistas ( los que fomentan las grandes empresas en el mundo y sus clubes de élite.. ) como podemos ver en artículos de las Naciones Unidas.. :

    Artículo 19
    Todo individuo tiene derecho a la libertad de opinión y de expresión; este derecho incluye el de no ser molestado a causa de sus opiniones, el de investigar y recibir informaciones y opiniones, y el de difundirlas, sin limitación de fronteras, por cualquier medio de expresión.

    Y creemos que el Reino Unido está al amparo de Las Naciones Unidas ( O.N.U. ), estamos seguro de ello, al igual que otros países en Occidente. Y una ley no puede ir en contra de otra ley de igual rango o superior. No obstante, y pesar de ello, algunas personas son perseguidas o investigadas ilegalmente, incluso acusados por leyes erróneas o anti-democráticas de las naciones que pertenecen, a su vez, a los acuerdos suscritos por encima de las leyes de éstos países que acusan y se saltan la LEY SUPERIOR ( O. N . U. ). Tenemos claros ejemplos en Alemania, y otras naciones más.

    Pero recordemos algunos políticos para poder saber algo más de quienes nos gobiernan :

    Angela Merkel está trabajando duro para eliminar el antisemitismo y pero ella es una poderosa antigitana, el racismo contra los gitanos. No muestra mucha dignidad, pero ella muestra la verdadera cara del racismo y el odio. ¿Es eso lo que el sionismo se supone que se trata?

    Angela Merkel nació Angela Dorothea Kasner en Hamburgo el 17. Julio de 1954, la hija de Horst Kasner, un pastor luterano y su esposa, Herlind Jentzsch judía de Polonia. Hija de madre judia es judia.

    Angela Merkel parece muy ocupada en detener el antisemitismo y tener una buena relación con Israel, mientras que deporta gitanos a Kosovo, donde mueren. Ella deportación gitanos, que han nacido en Alemania y tienen la ciudadanía alemana.

    Otro día tal vez ubicaremos algo del amigo Sarkozy, y de otros políticos de naciones en Occidente ( La Masonería internacional o Sionismo ).