Saturday, 19 December 2015

Two residents of an asylum centre in Hameln [usually called Hamelin in English, as in the Pied Piper of] set fire to it – almost 170 people then had to be brought to safety. By setting the fire, the man wanted to accelerate the handover of their travel documents so they could travel back to their home country due to a death in the family, said the Hameln regional parliament member Tjark Bartels (SPD) on Thursday. 
Four employees of a security service suffered slightly from smoke inhalation because of the fire on Wednesday evening, said the police. The 21 and 26-year-old suspects from Lebanon were presented before a magistrate at Hannover district court on Thursday on charges of Serious Fire-Raising. They were ordered to be detained.


  1. FYI that lady who wrote the article on the Guardian about Le Pen being paranoid is a Jewess:

    She, or one of her underlings, removed all comments defending the right or pointing out that hitler was left wing.

    1. Nougayrede :

      As a Paris-based diplomatic correspondent for Le Monde from 2005, Nougayrède gained a reputation as a rigorous and independent-minded journalist who consistently posed difficult questions to French officials despite government pressure on the newspaper to restrain her. In 2008 Le Monde accused the French Foreign Ministry of unofficially boycotting Nougayrède—by rescinding her invitations to press conferences and other official events—because of her pointed questioning of Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

  2. Yo creo que la gente más joven, otras generaciones en Occidente no sabe ni siquiera lo que es el ¨ Cuento del flautista de Hammelin ¨ . La letra ( el intro ) de la canción del vídeo que ubico dice que :

    ¨si matas a una..: te salen más, no, no, no..ayúdanos a acabar con ellas, no queremos ratas en nuestra ciudad.. ¨ ratas, ratas..ratas..

    ¿ y cómo la vamos a echar.. ? ( por la ratas )


    *Otra información del lenguaje comunista y perverso que nos obligan a utilizar hoy en día, donde los políticos quieren solucionar todo censurando y adoctrinando a los occidentales... :

    Prohíben decir :--- inmigrante --- , en Suecia.

    Increíble, pero cierto. Ahora incluso los que están el poder son políticamente incorrectos y además absurdos, pues el término lingüístico es correcto ( ¨ inmigrante ¨ ) y su uso legal en Occidente.

    Saludos, pronto nos llevaran a la cárcel..y en unos años los políticos nos sustituirán, tal vez..y todo por decir : inmigrante...

  3. Islam, as a culture, is a "supremacist" ideology. The adherer believes himself supreme over all others, including fellow Islamists (which is why violence reigns in 100% Islamic cultures, too).
    Here, he simply did what he believed: he expedited the process without regard to the inconvenience or even loss of life of anyone else.

    Germany: even if it should stop all Islamic invasion now, is sentenced to civil war, perhaps 5 to 10 years hence. Violence will increase over time. The German status of Dhimmitude notwithstanding, does not appease supremacists.

    As German children are picking up the feces and garbage left behind by the Islamists, the Islamist views this as typical, necessary and most of all: normal that the inferior German offspring wait upon them.