Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The "Sharia Police" patrol in Wuppertal created outrage a year ago and a call for severe punishment. Now the regional court says: appearing in the hi-vis vests was not a crime.  
The appearance of Islamists as a "Sharia Police" in Wuppertal is not a criminal offence according to the regional court there. There is no infringement of the Uniform Prohibition Act, the court found, refusing to open a criminal trial. 
The typical commercial orange-coloured his-vis vests with the inscription "Sharia Police" did not create an intimidating, militant effect, said a spokeswoman for the court on Monday. According to the case of the Federal Constitutional Court, this is a prerequisite, however.

The UniformVerbot in Germany says:
It is prohibited to wear, publicly or in an assembly, uniforms, parts of uniforms or similar items of clothing as the expression of a shared political sensibility.

How can it seriously be disputed that a sharia patrol violates this law?


  1. What would you say if I told you that the metropolitan police worked in conjunction with a security firm that looked out for the interests of whites in London? That they received police training and were allowed to drive vehicles around London that looked like police vehicles, and had the words 'white gurards' on the side? You would no doubt laugh and scoff at such a suggestion, and you would be right to do so, because such a thing would never be allowed.
    What about Jews?
    Funny you should mention that, because Jews are allowed such an organisation. Jews are allowed guards who receive police training and are allowed to drive around in vehicles that resemble police vehicles with the word 'Shomrim' emblazoned on the side which means 'guards' in Hebrew.
    People have rightly been outraged at the spread of Muslim patrols which have tried to enforce Sharia law on the streets of Europe. The media and politicians and police criticised Christian and Nationalist patrols that grew in response. Yet a Jewish patrol is perfectly acceptable and even receives police training.
    If this were a white defence patrol there would be absolute uproar in the kosher press. There would be headlines about 'nazi patrols,' the leftist morons would be up in arms demanding they be banned and people involved put in prison. The police would raid homes and harass anybody associated with them. The government would speak about 'removing racist gangs off the streets.'
    The hypocrisy and double standards are nauseatingly predictable.