Thursday, 19 November 2015

I don't read Gates of Vienna regularly any more. In fact, I haven't since the Breivik incident. I thought his response to that was shameful and cowardly and it was notable that he introduced censorship (i.e. pre-moderation of comments) immediately afterwards. But a few days ago I followed a link from another site and found myself viewing the Great Baron's words once again.

It seems the Baron had dared to publish the video above, which has been buzzing around Europe, and came in for some criticism from the usual suspects because it included clips of Nick Griffin and Barbare Spectre that have led an unsuspecting person to believe that Jews had something to do with the de-homogenisation of Europe, the Great Replacement or the European Genocide, as I like to call it. 

Of the Barbare Spectre clip, the great Baron declares:
We can’t escape this problem. ... The big question remains: Is Barbara Lerner Spectre representative of a larger, self-consciously Jewish movement in Europe and beyond? Or is she an army of one?  
I don’t know the answer to that question. But we do ourselves and our movement a disservice if we cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist. Because I guarantee you that David Duke and his ilk won’t. 
We won’t win this information war by attempting to conceal uncomfortable truths. They remain truths, despite our efforts to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. 
And the truth will out. Barbara Lerner Spectre is one such uncomfortable truth. And it’s an open question as to whether she represents a larger and even more uncomfortable truth.

To this, I posed the following comment. Checking back a few days later, I was unsurprised to see it hadn't made it past the wall of "pre-moderation". So I'll post it here instead.

Except it's not really an open question. The question has been definitively answered, by Kevin MacDonald among others. You just don't want to hear the answer. And when anyone begins to explore it, your little CounterJewhad movement, almost entirely run by or in receipt of funding from Jews, cuts them off, issuing a "fatwa" against them in the typical Oriental fashion. 
I experienced this personally when anti-Islam sites stopped linking to my blogs once I began exploring this issue. You would experience it, too, if you dared to continue down this path. You would be ostracised by those you thought were on your side. Your quarterly fundraisers would suddenly start to raise a lot less. The people you thought were courageous truth-seekers, you would be disconcerted to find, were actually pursuing a different agenda. Which is why you won't continue down this path. 
Nor can it be explained away as mere Communism or Leftism. Witness Republican Jews' discontent about Donald Trump. 
Exploring this issue requires extraordinary intellectual and moral courage. And most people, including the vaunted "thought criminals" of the Counterjihad movement, just don't have enough.

And today I posted another, which I'm sure won't be posted either, so I may as well post it here.
You don’t even have the courage to allow a mildly critical comment to be posted. Shameful. You’re running a business here, nothing else. 
Displaying exactly the same censorious mentality the Establishment typically displays towards critics of Islam, you prove you’re no better than them.
It's funny in way because I originally created a blog on Blogger on the spur of the moment so I could post anti-Islam remarks that were being censored from the Telegraph comments section. Now I need to post things that are being censored from anti-Islam blogs.

As I've said before, the people in the Counterjewhad movement have shown that they are no better morally than the Establishment they spend so much time denouncing. Faced with factual informaton that contradicts their worldview, moral canon or economic or ethnic interests, they factor it out and censor its source.


  1. I also made this journey. First i was pro-american, pro-democracy, pro-capitalism, etc..i supported the neocons and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then i started following the countrejihad sites, i started to think that there is a major problem with Islam (but Islam only). It wasn't until 2012 and the second Obama victory until i finally understood what is happening. Kevin MacDonald opend my eyes too. I also follow your blogs from several years and admire what what you did, especially your intuition. I hope that you will have the energy to continue doing what you are doing. In the kingdom of blind people, the one with eyes is king.

  2. I've mentioned this link before. I use it to spread real facts about Jews which is unassailable. I wouldn't bother posting it at GoV

    Jews are confirmed for being allies of Muslims

    The Muslim and Jewish communities share a common heritage, and have been connected by many bridges in the past. The Council will serve to build more bridges between and among these communities in future

    For its part, the Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council will coordinate and mobilize resources within its networks to offer support for refugees in Europe.

    The participants at the MJLC’s inaugural session included: Tahir Salie, Chairman of Islamic Relief Worldwide; Ibrahim El-Zayat, MJLC co-convener and past Chairman of Islamic Relief Worldwide; Mohamed Ashmawey, CEO, Islamic Relief Worldwide; Burhan Kesici, President of the Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany; Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, co-convener of the MJLC , President of the Conference of European Rabbis, and Chief Rabbi of Moscow; Rabbi Jair Melchior, Chief Rabbi of Denmark; Rabbi Moshe Lewin, Executive Director of the Conference of European Rabbis and Special Adviser for the Chief Rabbi of France; Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister, Community Rabbi of Vienna; as well as the KAICIID Board Members, Dr. Hamad Al-Majed; Dr. Seyyed Mohajerani; and Rabbi David Rosen, KSG CBE, International Director of Interreligious Affairs, AJC

  3. As mentioned before on this site, one of the owners of GoV (though he's probably only in reality the public face behind the genuine owners) stated some months ago, and reiterated it only a few weeks ago, that "at least" 50% of the CJ 'movement' (!) are Jews. He has not included himself but recently mentioned his German family background and that is definitely Jewish if one looks into the family history. His wife, the other co-owner of the site, 'Dymphna', stated some years ago that her first husband was the son of a convert from Judaism to Catholicism and that her children from that first marriage were therefore 'partly' Jewish and she hoped someday they would be able to regard this fact with pride and not fear (this in the US, the most judophile country in the world!). She has particularly stressed her multiracial family background and proudly proclaimed her active support in 'desegregation' of a Northern town's school system (i.e. depriving parents of right to send their children to schools of their own choosing, whilst inflicting hostile, underachieving racial minority of majority white culture and lowering educational standards overall). I would say that the two factors which most distinguish CJ groups/blogs, whatever, are that they are dominated by and agenda driven by Jews, and that, despite protestations of their part of being conservatives, traditionalists or patriots, they are in reality rock-solid liberals. The CJ 'movement ain't goin' nowhere anytime evah!