Saturday, 28 November 2015

I posted a clip from this a couple of days ago. This is a much longer version with subtitles. Apparently the driver is Hungarian.

A French trade union is now warning that the viability of the Calais port is being called into question by the migrantzombie presence.
The trade union denounces the migratory pressure that weighs upon the port. "It's not like before," notes Denis Desoteux (member of the office staff). Today we speak of urban guerilla warfare, of intifada. There are migrants and there are thugs who rob and destabilise the economy." 
According to Force Ouvrière "the port, in its total infrastructure, is threatened". On Wednesday alone, a day of migrant assaults on the bypass, the port lost 1200 freight customers! "We cannot leave our customers to continue being harassed by the migrants whom we believe to be manipulated by activists," warns the Port secretary of the FO. D 
The images from Calais are going around the world. This cannot be free of consequences. "The bypass that was supposed to let customers access the port more quickly has become a zone of non-law," deplores Denis Desoteux.

The image below comes from a Czech driver who got a stake through his window. French police told him they couldn't help him. (see story here)


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