Friday, 20 November 2015

After every jihad attack in France, numerous incidents occur, each usually minor in itself, in which Muslims show their sympathy for the jihadists. Here is just a small, non-exhaustive selection from recent days. In case you are wondering, these are all different people involved in separate incidents.
The young man was arrested on Tuesday after having brandished a hunting knife and a 9 mm pistol in the tramway; the pistol proved to be a fake. During his arrest, this amateur champion of Thai boxing fought with police, kicking them. 
As he arrived at the police station, the man said: "You will be responsible when throats are cut and people blow themselves up in front of the police station. It's the police and the justice system that drive radicalisation and lead Muslims to commit attacks like those on Friday evening," according to the declarations of the police. On Thuesday, Orléans correctional tribunal sentenced him to 4 months in prison, for glorifying terrorism in particular.
A 24-year-old inmate was sentenced to one year in prison this Wednesday in Mulhouse (Upper Rhine) for having asked his fellow inmates in the prison yard to "rejoice" at the attack on the Bataclan on Friday evening. 
Judged in a summary process at Mulhouse correctional tribunal, the accused was found guilty of "public apology of a terrorist act". The incident occurred on Saturday at noon. The accused was prosecuted for having instigated a mini-drama in the yard of Mulhouse prison, with the help of about 20 fellow inmates, who were set up in the yard in a circle arc. 
One of the participants performed a roll and mimicked one of those involved in the Bataclan attack on Friday in Paris, shouting "Bataclan! Bataclan!". One of the guards reported the incident. 
"After Paris, I would have continued in the provinces," the accused is said to have said to a fellow inmate during the walk, according to remarks reported by one of the prison guards.
"I was born in Syria, I am Syrian. France and the French people, you're really getting it now with all these attacks and that's just the beginning. There will be more and more. It's good and what you deserve." 
These are the words of Mounir, 28, a resident of Savigny-le-Temple, uttered to police officers as he was being detained on Wednesday. On Thursday, Melun correctional tribunal, which judged the case during summary proceedings, sentenced him to one year in prison with a commital order for, among other things, "apology for terrorism".
On Tuesday evening, a 27-year-old man was arrested in Monsempron-Libos. The gendarmes had been arrested by the owners of a bungalow who noticed, on returning home at 11.30 pm, that they had been burgled. The patrol of the gendarmerie then conducted a search before finding a man in the middle of the street who had €4000 in cash, gold jewels and an alarm gun from the house they had visited. When arrested, the individual, heavily drunk - he said he had drunk 2 l of vodka - living for around a year in the municipality and already known for having committed theft, insulted and made death threats to the police. And said: "Al Qaeda and Daesh [Islamic State], they're just small-time, they only killed 200, it's not enough, I'm going to kill 1000". He then explained that he had "a grenade and an explosive belt". Finally, he personally threatened the gendarmes and their families. The night before, during a traffic stop, he declared: "For me, there aren't enough dead" but the gendarmes let him go.
A 32-year-old man was sentenced on Thursday to one year in prison by the Versailles correctional tribunal. On Monday night, during a police check in Clayes-sous-Bois, he glorified the attacks of 13 November. 
He was arrested by police from the canine brigade at around 11.30 pm at the wheel of a car. Visibly drunk, he was also driving without a permit. When the police tried to arrest him, he resisted, congratulating the massacre during the Paris attacks and expressing understanding for "his brothers confronted by such injustice."


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