Saturday, 21 November 2015

Since the attacks in Paris, the moral order has been torn down, the last inhibitions have fallen away, the beast is unleashed. We are confronted by the ruin of our values. But not because Islamist idiots threaten them. But because a significant part of the population have abjured the principles of democracy. 
Whoever looks at the comments under Facebook posts encounters a wall of hatred. It is unbearable, it is horrifying, it is loud. Within a few seconds the volleys of words are fired. Hundreds of comments. Without aim, without sense, without connection. A breathless hatred. 
The aggressive Germans have set Germany back to the Middle Ages. The only thing missing is torches and pitchforks. They shriek for lynch-mob justice against IS. A female accomplice of the Paris attacks is called a "piece of shit" or "headscarf-wearing Muslim whore" or "shitface". 
Of course what the terrorists have done is unforgivable. Of course they must be fought. But the eagerness with which many Germans call for violence and blood and vengeance frightens me. It sounds like phrases from the Bible or Koran. It sounds like a return to ancient times, when instinct and brutality reigned.

The author is Sabrina Hoffmann, the head of Social Media at Huffington Post Germany.


  1. What a twat that Sabrina Hoffmann must be!...

  2. And we all know who owns Facebook...any guesses as to Hoffman's ethnic loyalties?

  3. Jews will be Jews will be Jews