Monday, 9 November 2015

The Catholic parish of the city of Lucerne unjustly sacked a religious teacher who was critical of Islam. The cantonal court upheld a complaint from the 62-year old theologian. In March 2015 the parish immediately sacked and terminated the teacher of religion, who had taught in Lucerne for 18 years.
The dispute between the parish and the teacher began in April 2014 as a pupil applied for a dispensation from religion teaching. He justified this by saying that the teacher always connected Islam with the "wicked and bad". The pupil was given the dispensation without further clarifications.

The school here seems to have simply taken the word of the Albanian Muslim pupil that the teacher, whose name is Thomas Bannwart, had said bad things about Islam, granted the dispensation to the child not to attend class and then dismissed the teacher. No due process, no evaluation of what he did or said, no consideration of the long period he had spent teaching at the school without complaint. Being critical of Islam, it seems, even in a Catholic school, is now considered a form of heresy, worthy of instant Anathema, much like being critical of our other Friends from the East.

This teacher is now living in straitened circumstances. He cannot find another job because of his age. He could not afford to keep up the rent on his apartment and had to move to a small cottage his family owned in the country.

Lucerne, one of Europe's most beautiful places, poisoned by the mind virus of Islam.


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