Tuesday, 24 November 2015

"The Islamic State group has a cell in Winterthur. It is linked in one way or another to the An'Nur mosque." This is the statement made at the start of the week by Kurt Pelda, journalist and expert on Syria, to the "Landbote" daily newspaper. Remarks confirmed this Sunday by the "NZZ am Sonntag". 
According to the Sunday newspaper, several adolescents and young adults - radicalised in the milieu of the An'Nur mosque - are said to have recently left Switzerland for Syria to join Islamic State in Syria. The local politician Blerim Bunjaku (PS) confirms that several preachers are trying to manipulate those who visit the place of prayer in question. According to the socialist, some islamists even go as far as paying money to faithful young people. "They pay young women to incite them to wear the veil," declares Blerim Bunjaku. And adds: "And the brothers of these young women are also paid if they manage to convince their sisters to wear the niqab."


  1. They've been paying moslem females to wear the death shroud for decades, in moslem countries as well as European ones. Also, in America, Canada and Britain. In many respects, as with judaism, islam is a money-making scam for its 'elites' who rule over their peoples with iron fists and manipulate every aspect of their lives without the 'lesser orders' quite realising the extent of control or preferring the material benefits of acquiescence to rebelling over their lost (or never possessed) freedoms.