Thursday, 5 November 2015

I first watched this Euronews story in Italian. I was immediately struck by approving, congratulatory tone of the broadcast, something jarringly at odds with the revelation that, presumably after being granted asylum in Sweden, his family reunification request had been refused by the Swedish government. So he then just flew back to his family and smuggled them in himself without permission, demonstrating that he had no fear for his life at all.

The fact that someone can actually get away with this is a shocking illustration of how wide open to abuse the asylum system is. But when I viewed the video in English prior to posting it on the site, there was another shock: they had completely taken out the part that mentioned the fact that he had previously applied for family reunification and been refused it. It Italian, Euronews says:
Khalil ha lasciato la Siria nel 2013, nel 2014 Stoccolma ha rifutato la sua domanda di ricongiungimento familiale e lui ha deciso di rifare il viaggio con tutta la sua famiglia. 
Khalil left Syria in 2013, in 2014 Stockholm refused his request for family reunification and he decided to do the voyage over again with all his family.


  1. It is sickening to see the complicity of media who will, when Islam is strong enough, lose their jobs, if not, their heads.