Saturday, 14 November 2015

WARSAW - Poland cannot accept migrants under European Union (EU) quotas after Friday's attacks in Paris, Poland's European affairs minister designate Konrad Szymanski said on Saturday. 
In a commentary published in the right-leaning news portal, Szymanski said his incoming government did not agree with Poland's commitment to accept its share of an EU-wide relocation of immigrants, and now, "in the face of the tragic acts in Paris, we do not see the political possibilities to implement (this)." 
Szymanski will take up his position on Monday as part of a government formed by the last month's election winner, the conservative and eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) party.


  1. Much of Western Europe and Scandinavia will be failed states in the not-distant future. Where will their European citizens migrate to?

    1. They will likely do what white, Christian Europeans have always done when their backs are to the wall: they will stand and fight and defeat their enemies, those within and those without. Europeans, contrary to judaic media, are not rabid, irrational savages and their fighting skills are honed through professional armies, a genuine moral system and a latent patriotism. There is a time for everything, in its season...

  2. John Kerry is blaming the war in syrian for the islamic obedience to the koran in Paris.

    At least we have Merkel!