Tuesday, 10 November 2015

She, a 30-year-old woman, came to the Emilian regional capital to march against "the invasion of the League" [The League is the anti-immigration Northern League party.] 
She arrived in Bologna on Saturday night, sleeping in public gardens. At daybreak, as reported in Resto del Carlino, she was woken by a 33-year-old Pakistani who made advances to her. After being refused,the man turned away. Around 11, shortly after the brief confrontation was initiated, the immigrant again approached the woman touching her on the intimate parts of her body. Two friends of the victim were on the scene to help. 
Shortly afterwards, the police, who were present en masse in the adjacent XX Settembre plaza, were able to find the Pakistani thanks to the descriptions given by the girl and her friends. After an attempted escape, the arrest took place in the Park della Montagnola. The immigrant has now been locked up. The man is an illegal in Italy since his residence permit has expired.