Monday, 16 November 2015

This is what Samir K. wrote on the Facebook page of the Central Islamic Council of Switzerland [Islamischer Zentralrat Schweiz (IZRS)]: "I am extremely sad. Can hardly control myself for sadness. I've been crying the whole day. Only 140..." As other users became enraged at his cynical comment, K. wrote that the attacks would continue until western countries withdrew from the Middle East. 
Another user is of a similar opinion. He says Europeans are "ten times worse than ISIS". Mohammed K., who regularly retweets IZRS on Twitter, insults Muslims who distance themselves from terror: "It is astounding that after decades of massacres from the Kuffar there are still Muslims who think being a lickspittle is useful." 
Muslims who mourn the Paris victims are sometimes strongly criticised on Social Media. For example Ali A. was insulted because he wrote that he was ashamed of being a Muslim because the actions of IS would cause all Muslims to be seen as terrorists. The answer: A. should become a Christian; Muslims who are ashamed are indecent. Another insulted him as a "Paper-Muslim". 
Almedina K., who, according to her Facebook profile, is a Muslim living in Zurich with roots in the Balkans, celebrated the bloody Friday evening as she did the anniversary of 9/11 by posting the Islamic declaration of faith. She is looking on social networks for a "Lion Man" fighting in Syria and wants "so much to die as a martyr in Allah's cause."


  1. France Produces Leaflet For Schoolchildren Declaring Attacks Have No Relation To Islam

    Link to madness here

    To help us talk about the events of November 13 that grip us all, the writing of Astrapi proposes a two-page booklet. It helps explain the attacks in young children from 7 years, in simple words, suitable for younger people who feel well the tension aroused by this tragic news. Parents, educators and teachers are invited to download the booklet.