Monday, 23 November 2015

Die Zeit published an interview with Josef Schuster, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

"Many of the refugees are fleeing from the terror of Islamic State and want to live in peace and freedom. At the same time they come from cultures in which hatred of Jews and intolerance is a fixed element. Don't think only of Jews, think of the equality of woman and man or dealing with homosexuals."
Does he consider the integration of earlier Muslim immigrants to have been successful? "Is it really a question of religion?" passing the ball back. "When I look at places and countries in Europe where the biggest problems are, you could come to the conclusion that this is not a religious problem, but an ethnic one." 
Schuster leaves it at that. It is clear enough what he means. In countries and cities where there are large Arab minorities, the radical forces are often stronger and more aggressive than, for example, in Germany with its Turkish population elements. 
"I think there should be controlled entry to Germany," he says and: "Sooner or later, we will not be able to get away from upper limits," finally becoming emphatic: "If it continues like this, conveying our values will be increasingly difficult. But successful integration is also important for Jewish communities in Germany."

Nothing to with Islam then. Of course if any European said there was an ethnic problem with Arabs, he'd be prosecuted. But I somehow doubt that will happen in this case.


  1. A new tactic to divert attention from the fact, which is becoming more wide known, that Islam is derived from Judaism, which helps to explain the Jewish-Moslem cooperation (which is always portrayed as 'building bridges' and 'overcoming hatred; nothing of the sort, this is rivalry at times, but always unity when acting to subvert Christian peoples, countries and civilisation. The internet has made this tactic less effective and it is essential that the ideological derivations, as well as 'cultural' and legal similarities are fully exposed in a reasoned and dispassionate manner. Truth is what both groups fear the most which is why it is deemed 'hate speech'; that hate speech legislation will crumble once people know its true origins (lash hara gave birth to islamic 'blasphemy', nothing like having former rabbis as Mohamed's first followers...).