Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Saxony-Anhalt philologist's association has created outrage with the lead article in the current edition of its member's magazine. In the contribution, signed by the head of the association Jürgen Mannke and his deputy Iris Seltmann-Kuke, the authors disseminate dubious theses, making use of classic prejudices. The very first sentence talks of an "immigrant invasion" that is flooding over Germany. 
"Many of the men come without their families or women and surely not always with the most honest of intentions," it goes on. Naturally these "young uneducated men" would have a need for sexuality. "As responsible teachers we ask ourselves: how can we explain this to our young girls aged 12 and up in such a way that they do not let themselves into a superficial sexual adventure with certainly often very attractive Muslim men?", the authors ask in the piece. 
The Culture Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Stephan Dogerloh, criticised the leading article strongly. He said to the "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung" that by doing this the association would "Strengthen rumours, disseminate half-truths and use our values as a cudgel." 
The regional leader of "Die Linke" [ex-Communist party], Birke Bull, told the newspaper: "That borders on incitement to hatred." There was also strong criticism from the Greens: "The substance of this is from an underground level, it makes use of prejudices from the fringe right-wing," said Green bloc leader Claudia Dalbert. 
Mannke himself rejected the criticism, speaking to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. "I do not make use of racist resentments," he told the newspaper. The article states the truth, he said. "I didn't allow myself to be silenced before 1989 [before the Berlin Wall came down] and I don't now either," said the teacher.

Another paragraph from the original article, not quoted in the news piece above:
We cannot solve these problems with an undifferentiated Welcome culture and there are many women who as mothers of daughters who are growing up view the almost unlimited stream of immigration with great concern. Already, in many places from discussion with acquaintances, we hear of sexual harassment occurring in daily life, especially in public transport and supermarkets.


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