Thursday, 12 November 2015

This decree modifies the one dated 12 March 1986 "instituting aid to national daily newspapers providing political and general information when they have low advertising revenues." At first sight, it's good news for the press. The aid will be extended "to national publications whose publication schedule is at least weekly and at maximum quarterly". 
In the "note" preceding the text and also published in the "official jounral", it says "eligible publications are those recognised by the joint commission of publications and press agencies as having political and general information content and for which advertising represents less than 25% of the total receipts of the title. " 
But wait... Article 9 says this: "No assistance can be given to publications: a) Whose content has caused the director of the publication to be convicted in the five years prior to the request for assistance, in application of articles 24 or 24 bis of the law dated 29 July 1881 on freedom of the press."

The few patriotic publications in France - Minute, Valeurs Actuelles, Rivarol - will inevitably fall foul of this restriction since they are under constant legislative attack from "anti-racist" organisations using France's oppressive hate speech laws. So this law has clearly been deliberately designed to exclude publications that challenge the government's pro-immigration agenda.

The minister introducing the law, Fleur Pellerin, is an Asiatic alien.

This is the danger of press subsidies, that it gives government control or influence over the press. There was a proposal for something similar in Sweden a couple of years ago. The minister wanted to make financial support contingent on pro-immigration views. Not even an attempt to disguise it in that case. I'm not sure if those plans were ever implemented or not.


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